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Classification: Quality Assurance As Operating With Software Bugs

An accurate survey of how various quality assurance alternatives deal with errors can help to make general schemes of classification. This classification can be used in assisting how to choose, adapt and use various quality assurance alternatives and related methods for specific applications.
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Operating with Pre-/Post-Release Software Bugs

Various quality assurance alternatives may be considered as a concerted effort to operate with defects, faults, or failures, in order to reach the general purpose of quality assurance and betterment.
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Alternatives Programme - Summer 2011

Alternatives Programme - Summer 2011
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AV Magazine Issue 2 2011

AAVS & Advocacy A Decade in Review
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Forming a Quality Assurance Strategy

As soon as particular quality purposes were set, we can choose proper quality assurance alternatives as part of a quality assurance strategy to reach these purposes.
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Software Bugs’ Averting Activities

The quality assurance alternatives generally referred to as software bug averting activities can be used for most software systems to diminish the probability for the subsequent cost to deal with injected defects.
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5 Principal Advantages of Offshore Software Testing

Errors are possible in any sphere, software development is not an exception from this rule – almost any software product has bugs, which have a negative effect and must be detected as soon as possible. Software testing is a procedure, which helps to ensure that the developed piece of software is unharmed and intact, all bugs, errors of defects have to be eliminated. This is truly the most significant stage in the whole life cycle of product development process, which has a direct influence on the final quality.
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How Can We Reach Quantifiable Quality Improvement?

To manage the quality assurance activities and to provide practical chances of quantifiable quality betterment, it is necessary to conduct:
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Why should I care about software usability?

By usability, we mean ‘user-centered approach and design’, which incorporates user concerns, needs and wants from the beginning of the design process. Users who are presented with feature-rich software that is difficult to use will most likely resist it and seek out alternatives. Hence it is essential to perform usability testing that would help you determine how easy it is for users to use the software the way they desire.
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Save the Primates

A study of the use of primates in experiments - Where they come from - Life and death in a typical laboratory - The experiments - The alternatives
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