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Hubble Space Telescope’sTop ScienceFindings
Hubble Space Telescope’s Top Science Findings
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February 2010 @ The Joiners
Featuring Iglu & Hartley, Twin Atlantic, The Softpack, War From A Harlots Mouth, We Are The Union, The Telescopes, Casiokids, Ex Lovers, reviews of Vivian Girls, Unit listings & more!
Uploaded by the.joiners on 01/28/2010
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RfQ-Fiber Light Guide Systems
In modern Endoscopy Surgery there has been a lot of technical advancement and sophistication just in the last couple of years. 3 CCD cameras, XENON light sources, High-Tech Insufflators have made their way into a multitude of operation theaters of today. With all this technical refinement of Endoscopy equipment it is very frequently overlooked that also a Cold Light Cable of the same quality standard is both essential and indispensable in order to get the best visual results and to guarantee a long lifetime especially of the telescopes in daily use. The RfQ Fiber Light Guides HTT-BlueLine are designed and manufactured for the special demands and endoscopic requirements when using intraoperatively XENON light sources which are exposing all standard light cables in use to very high thermic energies which affect adversely the functionality and durability of a standard cable.
Uploaded by rfqmedical on 11/29/2010
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The evening Perspective Camcorder As well as the Nobel Prize
How can cams, telescopes and also the Nobel Winning prize just about all healthy jointly? We found that this holiday season if your co-inventors on the CCD acquired the actual Nobel Award.
Uploaded by spain124 on 10/12/2012
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Worried that nature reserves aren’t for you?
Perhaps you thought that bird reserves were for birdwatches: the hard-core who travel about the country seeking rarities and sneering at robins and chaffinches: an intimidating band with binoculars that cost a fortune and telescopes like bazookas. And that, perhaps, is why you don’t go to RSPB bird reserves. They’re made for the in-crowd and you are part of the out-crowd. You know such places aren’t for you.
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Artificial Gravitational Lenses
We show that it is possible to produce gravitational lenses at laboratory scale by means of a toroidal device which strongly intensifies the radial gravitational acceleration at its nucleus, and can make the acceleration repulsive besides attractive. This means that a light flux through the toroid can become convergent or divergent from its central axis. These lenses are similar to optical lenses and can be very useful for telescopes, microscopes, and for the concentration of solar light in order to convert solar energy into thermal energy.
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Amateur Astronomy Optical Filters
Optical Filters for Amateur Astronomy Telescopes
Uploaded by omegaoptical on 10/05/2011
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Science, Technology & Clocks | Skinner Auction 2527M
Science, Technology & Clocks offers a wide range of historical and scientific instruments at auction including nautical antiques, instruments of celestial navigation, telescopes, microscopes, globes, early medical material, mechanical music and automata, patent models and timekeeping devices . The horological component of this department spans centuries of invention and function from the earliest timekeeping devices to precision regulator clocks of the 19th century. For further information on consigning, please contact Skinner’s Science & Technology department at 508-970-3000 or [email protected]
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Issue 33 - December 2006
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Issue 38 - June 2009
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