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Wired.com Teen Solves Quantum Entanglement Problem for Fun

Copyright Wired.com, Published June 4th, 2012, Author Cade Metz Ari Dyckovsky, teenage genius, solves quantum entanglement problem for fun, helping forward the scientific study of quantum computing.
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Einstein In His Own Words

He was a genius of the highest order who changed the way we perceive the universe with his theories. The Times has hailed him as Person of the Century. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. One of the most brilliant scientists and an extraordinary man. He was also deeply compassionate and wanted to help his fellow man. A man of letters he has voiced his opinion on subjects as diverse as religion and war many of which are relevant even today.
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Introducing Einstein EXTRACT

A compact INTRODUCING guide to the father of modern physics Albert Einstein’s development of the theory of general relativity caused a transformation in in the physics world. He received the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics for his services to theoretical physics and his name has become synonymous with ‘genius’. Joseph Schwartz and Michael McGuiness’ guide is a concise, readable guide to the most influential physicist to have ever lived.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #17

He is a warlord, a genius, and a squishy pink brain. He is General Krang. One of the most signature villains in TMNT history, Krang has an arsenal and wit unlike any other villain. This issue starts a story arc that reveals Krang’s master plan and sees the TMNT come into direct confrontation with one of their mightiest enemies!
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Or A Deranged Event Staged in a Theoretical Mansion in Which Time and History Have Been Grossly Dismembered and What We Know as the Laws of Physics Wildly Subverted, Conducted as an Inquiry into the Genius of Madness and the Art of the Faux Pas, and Having as a First Course to be Served to a Cast of Sixteen Eccentrics A Dish of Carrot Cabbage Salad Meant to Tickle Every Palate
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KITP Newsletter, Summer 2006

KITP Newsletter, Vol. 2 No. 1 • Spring / Summer 2006. A newsletter from the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UC Santa Barbara.
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Physical Sciences Magazine

SLSS Physics News
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Genius Loci #11 - Daylight & Architecture Magazine

The term „genius loci“ goes back to the ancient Roman belief that each independent living being - human or animal - had a „genius“ or protecting spirit that kept it alive. “Genius loci” is thus the spirit of a place: the sum of its visible and invisible characteristics. These characteristics have, throughout history, inspired architects and architecture that sought to be in harmony with its place. In our days, there are many aspects relating architecture to genius loci: the form of a building, its relation with the ground, the choice of materials, the way it is lit and ventilated. Out of these, Daylight & Architecture # 11 will specifically focus on the daylight aspect: How does the daylight situation in specific locations influence the life of people, and hence, how do buildings relate to the local daylight conditions? Where can we find the places that offer the most impressive, specific daylight experiences?
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Three Days in the Belly of the Beast (2nd Edition)

World renowned dimensional theorist Dr. Bryce Cooper thinks he's losing his mind! A rising star at the LHC, has opened a crack into a world that no live person has ever seen. But Cooper's genius has dire consequences. He is swept into the ultimate battle between good and evil. Three Days in the Belly of the Beast follows the brilliant Cooper as he wrestles with his personal demons and struggles to make sense of terriyfing other-worldly events. Along the way, Cooper crosses paths with powerful ethereal allies and grotesque, super-human enemies that want to kill him, his family and murder millions. The stakes couldn't be higher. If he fails, they will unleash literal... Hell on Earth. As the world rushes towards mankind's extinction, can Cooper stop them armed with only his intellect and his lineage? Or will there even be a world left to save? Is he already too late? To find out, you have to spend... Three Days in the Belly of the Beast.
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Backwards engineering the Physics in a computer game’s physics engine

In 2007 I set myself the challenging task of backwards engineering the Physics in Valves famous game engine used most famously in Half Life 2. I would go about doing this for a physics A-Level piece of coursework and such needed to carry out many physics experiments in-game, in a methodical and scientific nature instead of the slightly more obvious method of getting in-touch with the coding side of thing. Using great piece of kit called Garry's Mod(gmod) I was able to use a series of tools to allow me to create rudimentary experiment equipment which I could use in-game to measure different aspects of the physics. The task turned out to be even more challenging than could have been expected and a hidden narrative is prominent in my work as it is in a style of diary. This publication is quite long, filled with in-game screenshots so if you do not have the time to delve straight in I recommend reading the start sections and then skip to page 68-Journal, Final evaluation and calibration.
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