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Tate Britain History

Every monarch's unique tastes and preferences are ...
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Gallery Visit - Tate Britain

Secondary Research, Gallery visit - Tate Britain
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Tate Modern History

But there are loads of considerably significantly ...
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History of National Gallery

The East Developing of the gallery was produced in...
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Exhibitions Royal Academy of Arts

This kind of learners, Reynolds claims, added extr...
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The Lowry

To assure a nice yr-spherical knowledge, the Aquar...
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TATE ETC. Issue 25 part 2

Featuring Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson in Britain, Edvard Munch and Sam Smiles on Late works.
Uploaded by tateetc on 05/06/2012
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Artupdate London Exhibitions Guide: February/March/April 2013

A guide complete with maps to over 100 London galleries and museums. Featuring exhibition listings for February, March, April 2013.
Uploaded by artupdate on 02/07/2013
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Famous British Art Galleries

Summer season is the busiest time for vacationers ...
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Not If But When: Culture Beyond Oil

Not if but when: Culture Beyond Oil is a publication that sets out to discuss oil sponsorship of the arts. The single issue, limited edition publication features artworks in dialogue with the BP Gulf of Mexico catastrophe and articles that set out the compelling arguments for an end to BP and Shell’s murky involvement with many of the nation’s favourite cultural institutions.
Uploaded by mellv on 11/27/2011
Digital publication details: 96 pages.
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