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The Art of Tango DJing by Carlos Giana Tango DJ

The Art of Tango DJing by Carlos Giana Tango DJ www.carlostangodj.com
Uploaded by calioff on 01/10/2013
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Punto Tango 74 - Diciembre 2012

Revista de tango. En este número: Entrevista a China Cruel. Festivales de Tango de La Boca, Barracas y Almagro. Los Dinzel, por Ana María Navés. Milonga Cruel por Julia Pugliese. 50 Años de la Acedemia porteña de Lunfardo. Milongas y prácticas de tango en Buenos Aires. Clases de tango. AGENDA TANGUERA.
Uploaded by puntotango on 12/03/2012
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New York’s Audience rated Tango Lovers as the Best TANGO Show in the City

Celebrating the BICENTENNIAL of URUGUAY, “Enamorados del Tango (Tango Lovers)” performed in New York for the first time, on August 20th, 2011 at the Queensborough Performing Arts Center.
Uploaded by straightlinepr on 09/01/2011
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Tango Dance Steps

Tango, the dance of love, is a dance full of emotions and passion. Many believe that it is a very difficult dance to learn. But it's quite easy actually. It's a walking dance, which basically means that if you can walk, you can Tango. Try it.
Uploaded by dancingfly on 03/22/2010
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Punto Tango 72 - Octubre 2012

Revista de Tango. En este número: Pablo Bernaba del Quinteto Negro La Boca. En busca del tango perdido. Por Manuel Gonzalez. Los cisnes que abrazan. Por Ana maría Navés. Guia de milongas y clases de tango en buenos aires. Zapatos de tango. Salas de ensayo para bailarines. Agenda de actividades tangueras en Buenos Aires. Todos los meses, una revistas de tango gratis.
Uploaded by puntotango on 10/07/2012
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Punto Tango 56

Revista PUNTO TANGO 56, de junio de 2011. Entrevista Juan Villarreal el nuevo cantor de la orquesta El Arranque, Economia de espacios en la milonga por Manuel Gonzalez. El tango tuvo una flor por Ana Naves. Agenda Tanguera. Milongas, Practicas de Tango, Clases, Zapatos, Indumentaria, Salas de Ensayo y todo lo necesario para disfrutar del tango en Buenos Aires. Mira otros numeros de la revista en www.puntotango.com.ar
Uploaded by puntotango on 06/09/2011
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Tango Course by Horacio Salgán

The book "Tango Course" by Horace Salgán is the first written from a technical-musical perspective that exposes all his knowledge in the construction of the Tango and reveals his working methods of his 83 year career. It do not inquire into the nature of the Tango or follow a historical study of their evolution. It is a study of the Tango; details piano, orchestral, rhythmic and harmonic. It is intended for musicians and teaching is provided with examples in small scores that can be heard on the CD that comes with the book.
Uploaded by horaciosalgan on 09/25/2012
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Once Again, The Audience Acclaims “Tango Lovers -Enamorados Del Tango” as The Best Tango Show

International Tango sensation performed in South Florida and New York
Uploaded by straightlinepr on 08/24/2012
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Bonn Aires Tango Flyer in English

Bonn Aires Tango Classes Flyer in English for Bonn, Germany
Uploaded by devaldivia on 10/03/2009
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Punto Tango 57

Revista Punto Tango 57 de Julio de 2011. Entrevista a Noelia Moncada. Tandas y cortinas en las milongas, por Manuel Gonzalez. Hay que cuidar al tango, por Ana Maria Naves. Doris y Victor, entrevista. Guia de clases, practicas y milongas. Zapatos, indumentaria de tango y salas de ensayo. Lee otros numeros de la revista en: www.puntotango.com.ar
Uploaded by puntotango on 07/04/2011
Digital publication details: 80 pages.
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