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Science, Technology & Clocks | Skinner Auction 2555M
The next Science, Technology and Clocks auction is July 16, 2011 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Science, Technology and Clocks auctions at Skinner offer a wide range of historical and scientific instruments including nautical antiques, instruments of celestial navigation, telescopes, microscopes, globes, early medical material, mechanical music and automata, patent models and timekeeping devices. The horological component of this department spans centuries of invention and function from the earliest timekeeping devices to precision regulator clocks of the 19th century. For further information on consigning, please contact the department at 508-970-3244, or [email protected]
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Fuzzy Speed Regulator for Induction Motor DirectTorque Control Scheme
This paper presents a novel design of a control scheme for induction motor as a fuzzy logic application, incorporating fuzzy control technique with direct torque control method for induction motor drives. The direct torque control method has been optimized by using fuzzy logic controller instead of a conventional PI controller in the speed regulation loop of induction motor drive system. The presented fuzzy based control scheme combines the benefits of fuzzy logic control technique along with direct torque control technique. Compared to the conventional PI regulator, the high quality speed regulation of induction motor can be achieved by implementing a fuzzy logic controller as a PI-type fuzzy speed regulator which is designed based on the knowledge of experts without using the mathematical model.
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Charity Commission Annual Report 2010 - 11
The Charity Commission’s latest Annual Report highlights the regulator’s success in meeting all of its key performance indicators (KPIs) during the past financial year. This is a first for the Commission, and comes during a comprehensive strategic review of the regulator’s role and activities, prompted in part by cuts to its budget of a third over four years. The report, which is structured around the concept of the charity life-cycle to help the public understand how and when the Commission interacts with charities, also reveals the Commission’s progress in encouraging charities to access its services online.
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PENSIONS AUTOMATIC ENROLMENT; Commenced OCTOBER 2012All employers* will have to provide workers with a workplace pension scheme by lawover the next few years. The biggest employers started doing this in October 2012.This is called ‘automatic enrolment’.We have put together a number of suggested action points for Officers and Reps to assist with the discussion around this very important event for our members.The Pensions Regulator (TPR) will tell large employers when their staging date is 18 months before this date.The table below indicates the standard expected timeframes from initial consultation to getting the scheme running, for which a maximum of 24 months should be expected.*Pension Regulation does not apply to Republic of Ireland
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2005-2009 Dodge Cummins Air Dog Install Manual
INSTALLATION MANUAL DF-100 & 150 w/Preset Regulator DF-165 w/Adjustable Regulator CUMMINS POWERED DODGE TRUCKS Model Year 2005 THROUGH 2009 High Performance Fuel System
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Enco August HOT Deals
Enco's August 2011 HOTdeals sales flyer is packed with 72 pages of quality tools and machinery at unbeatable prices! From mill drills to lathes and dial calipers to cut-off wheels, Enco offers the machinery, tools and shop supplies you need - at the guaranteed lowest prices.
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Blanket Regulator
Blanket Regulator Brochure, is a excellent tool to use for selling our popular BGR.
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Science, Technology & Clocks | Skinner Auction 2623M
Auction December 1, 2012 in Boston. A rare and important Holtzapffel & Company rose engine lathe and accessories will be offered at the December Science, Technology and Clocks auction. Exceptional Holtzapffel turning tools with ivory handles will also be up for bid along with many lathe attachments and cutter frames. Additional highlights include two 19th century exhibition surgical sets and the Theodore R. Crom collection of early watches. Clock offerings span centuries of invention and function from the earliest timekeeping devices to precision regulator clocks of the 19th century. For more information, please contact the department at 508-970-3201, or [email protected]
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Air Dog INSTALL Manual fp100 &150 Preset RegulatorDF-165 w/Adjustable Regulator 1998.5- 2004 Cummins
Air Dog INSTALLATION MANUAL DF-100 & 150 w/Preset RegulatorDF-165 w/Adjustable Regulator CUMMINS POWERED 1998.5 - 2004 DODGE TRUCKS
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An Agenda for Better Regulation
By Mark Boleat Regulation is never off the political or media agenda. Every time something goes wrong there are calls for new regulation, better regulation, more regulation and tougher regulation. At the same time, in a sort of parallel universe, there are regular reports that regulation has gone too far. Individual decisions on regulation are frequently taken in isolation of either of these trends , and many regulatory or deregulatory initiatives fail, either because they are knee jerk reactions or because they are not properly thought through or implemented. In this report, author Mark Boleat sets out some guiding principles for regulation covering in particular effective policy making, enforcement, combating "backdoor regulation", funding and evaluation.
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