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Systems Thinking and Messy Situations by Rosalind Armson
This paper puts the system into systems thinking. It builds on your own understanding of a system to create some powerful tools for thinking about messy situations. The idea of a system becomes a lens through which you can look at messy situations to discern simple structures for thinking about the mess.
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Systems Thinking and the Structure of Organizations by Vince Barabba
Vince Barabba's guide to using systems thinking to understand and improve the working of businesses and organisations.
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Systems Thinking and US Healthcare by Deane Waldman
How to use systems thinking to understand and repair the US healthcare system.
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Systems Thinking and Designing and Managing Services by John Seddon
John Seddon's introductory guide to using and applying systems thinking in service sector organisations (specifically the public sector).
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Systems Thinking Presentation
These are the slides for the presentation given at the Society for Technical Communication San Luis Obispo chapter meeting on Monday, May 24, 2010. Copyright 2010 by Lori Steed. This is 90 minute presentation. I also have a 3 hour training and full day training that allow more exploration of the introduction to systems and systems thinking. Special thanks to those with whom I consulted, discussed, or referenced in creating this presentation and to all who attended! Contributors to this presentation content and development: Tracy Huston, Jon Bergstrom, Steve Byers, Stephen Haines, Elizabeth Topp, Thomas Sortino, Lonnie Brown, Byron Davies, Bill Braun, Michael Ervick, John Kelliher, Anthony DaSilva Jr, Ahmad Salih, Rajbir Sidana, Scott Spann, Jim Thompson, Sheila Damodaran. Special thanks for permission to use images or share content: The Waters Foundation, Menlo Lab, Bill Braun, Stephen Haines.
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This report documents the main activities and findings of a research collaboration between the Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and members of the Systemic & Adaptive Governance Research Program.
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Systems Thinking and the Planet's Problems by Tony Hodgson
How to use the World System Model – the basis for the International Futures Forum World Game – as a way for groups of people with a common challenge to think through their predicament together in the context of a big picture of the world in which their aspirations can be fulfilled. Combining role play, visual thinking and the democratic methods of the wisdom council, the Game offers an elegant and playful way to generate the kind of information that can stimulate serious results.
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Systems Thinking Review
FRAME: Feedback loops and lags in Systems The Art of Systems Thinking: Part One by Joseph O’Connor & Ian McDermott – Review by Bryan Coffman A system is an entity that maintains its existence and functions as a whole through the interaction of its parts. The behavior of systems depends on how the parts are related, rather than on the parts themselves. Therefore you can understand many different systems using the same principles. Each part of the system may influence the whole system, and changes to any part of the system will always have side effects. This review walks us through the components of the model presented by O’Conner and McDermott and provides brief explanations of each component. We learn about different types of feedback and what can be done with the information that feedback is providing.
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The Contribution of Sociotechnical Systems Thinking to the Effective Adoption of e-Government...
This paper reports a study which reviewed the literature and explored the approaches adopted by a small sample of local government bodies engaged in implementing e-Government. The findings suggest that the e-Government implementation process underway in the UK does not embody the principles of widening democracy and increasing social inclusion. The empirical data reveal limited citizen engagement the design, development or implementation process. The paper discusses the potential contribution to be made by adopting a sociotechnical systems approach in which citizens engage with IT professionals and informationservice providers to identify needs, to test options and to achieve shared goals of e-Government.
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Working With Group Partners
This document is an introduction to the world of Group Partners, how we work and fundamentally what we care about.
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