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The Sustainability Yearbook 2012 – the world’s sustainability leaders at a glance
The Sustainability Yearbook 2012 – one of the world’s most comprehensive publications on corporate sustainability and the related challenges and opportunities for companies. Only the top-scoring 15% of the world’s 2,500 largest companies invited to participate in SAM’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment are eligible for inclusion in The Sustainability Yearbook
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2011 Sustainability Report Summary (English)
2011 Sustainability Report Summary in English version
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2011 Sustainability Report (English)
2011 Sustainability Report - English version
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Macmillan Masterclass: Teaching For Sustainability
Ideal for the Australian Curriculum. Sustainability education provides opportunities for students to deal with current contentious issues and develop problem solving skills. With this guide in hand teachers and school executives will be able to implement sustainability at the classroom and whole school level. Key features: · how to teach sustainability to students at different levels · learning experiences cover systems, world view and futures as required by the new Australian Curriculum · cross-curricular learning experiences enable you to relate sustainability to your overall program · topic chapters with background information and step-by-step guidelines for conducting sustainability audits · guides to tracking the life of a product from cradle to grave · how to use inquiry-based learning and the action process to make sustainability relevant for students.
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The Sustainability Yearbook 2010
The Sustainability Yearbook 2010, published by SAM and PricewaterhouseCoopers, offers you an overview of the results of SAM’s 11th annual assessment of corporate sustainability practices, which provides the basis for the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI). In 2009, the sustainability performance of more than 1,200 companies was evaluated. It is encouraging to see a steady increase in participation rates in our assessment, which we believe clearly reflects the rising awareness and importance of corporate sustainability management even in times of crisis.
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2009 State of the Fraser Basin Report, sustainability snapshot 4: The Many Faces of Sustainability
This report offers insights into important sustainability trends in the Fraser Basin across 18 topics, 50 headline indicators, regional data and notes on various studies. Sustainability Snapshot 4 looks beyond the headlines, flagging important trends and turning points. It also offers inspirational examples of people making change. sustainability calls for deeper understanding, long-term thinking and sustained action to set a better course. There is a need to integrate and balance the economy, the environment and social well-being to sustain future generations.
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Evolution of corporate sustainability practices
Business sustainability is about ensuring that organisations implement strategies that contribute to long-term success. Organisations that act in a sustainable manner not only help maintain the well-being of the planet and people, they also create businesses that will survive and thrive in the long run. To gain a sense of the state of sustainability in the UK and North America, CIMA, the AICPA and CICA recently surveyed over 2000 organisational leaders from their respective memberships, and interviewed sustainability executives from leading organisations to examine key characteristics of business sustainability, and the level of finance function involvement in corporate sustainability initiatives.
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Westpac's squashed tomato strategy: sustainability strategy at Westpac
This CIMA study aims to explore how Westpac, a large Australian financial institution and leader in this field, developed and implemented a climate change sustainability strategy. The investigation was underpinned by six key research questions and this report will present its findings following this structure: • what was the rationale or motivations for creating the sustainability strategy? • who were the key players involved in developing and implementing the sustainability strategy? • how was the strategy resourced and supported by the organisation? • how was the strategy implemented and/or communicated throughout the organisation? • what were the expected short and long run costs and benefits of the strategy and how were they realised? • what was the role that management accounting practices played or could potentially contribute in supporting sustainability strategy?
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Earlham College Sustainability Plan 2013
A vision with specific measurements for success, the Earlham Sustainability Plan places sustainability as a top priority of Earlham College, and breathes renewed energy into sustainability throughout the campus. The comprehensive sustainability plan for Earlham College is posted here as approved by the Sustainability Advisory Committee in spring 2013.
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Sustainability First - In search of telecentre sustainability
Sustainability First is a research publication, capturing the lessons learned from a two year long qualitative research carried out between 2007-2008, on economic sustainability of telecentres. Research work included in depth studies in five telecentre network operations in 4 countries; Brasil, India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka. Target group includes ICT4D practitioners, activists and social entrepreneurs.
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