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A taxonomy of supply chain innovations
In this paper, a taxonomy of supply chain and logistics innovations was developed and presented. The taxonomy was based on an extensive literature survey of both theoretical research and case studies. The primary goals are to provide guidelines for choosing the most appropriate innovations for a company and helping companies in positioning themselves in the supply chain innovations landscape. To this end, the three dimensions of supply chain innovations, namely the goals, supply chain attributes, and innovation attributes were identified and classified. The taxonomy allows for the efficient representation of critical supply chain innovations information, and serves the mentioned goals, which are fundamental to companies in a multitude of industries.
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SLU Cook School of Business Center for Supply Chain Management Newsletter: April 2013
The Cook School of Business Center for Supply Chain Management Studies (CSCMS) at Saint Louis University has been established to train and educate the users of the various tools of the supply chain activities (supplier relationships, purchasing management, operations and inventory management, logistics and transportation, and quality measurement, along with supply chain and information technology) through our membership opportunities, programs, events, and publications.
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A Supply Chain Management Evaluation Can Expose Concealed Prospects at Your Business
Member enterprises in the chain need to have to co...
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Significance Of Supply Chain Solutions
Supply chain management (SCM) is a discipline that entails the management of a network of interconnected businesses that are involved in the service and product packages that are needed by the end users within a supply chain.
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DSC Logistics improves information visibility
(1888PressRelease) DSC Logistics, a leading third party logistics (3PL) provider, selects PINC Solutions' advanced yard management to increase speed, control, and productivity at their Mira Loma, California, Logistics Center.
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Rekindling a vibrant spirit in your supply chain business
The supply chain business is dependent on a delicate network which involves a myriad of processes such as researching, planning, designing, development, administration, sales and marketing.
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Implementing Sustainable Supply Chain Practices
Supply Chain management deals with the control of materials, information, and financial flows in a network consisting of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers (Stanford Supply Chain Forum Website). This complex network, often consisting of conflicting management objectives, can benefit from focusing on environmental sustainability as a competitive advantage. Many decisions in manufacturing and product design should be at the forefront of efforts to understand, control and sustain the global supply chain. This paper examines the role of a business process manager and the information systems necessary to make good decisions throughout the supply chain for a global cabinet-making manufacturer.
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Supply Chain Consultant with Logistics Consulting and long lasting solutions
We are improving various aspects of the supply chain cycle. We are focus on different aspects and increasing their efficiency. Our main areas of focus in supply chain consultancy services are manufacturing productivity, transport planning, warehouse design and logistics costs.
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Optimizing Waste Collection In An Organized Industrial Region: A Case Study
In this paper we present a case study which involves the design of a supply chain network for industrial waste collection. The problem is to transport metal waste from 17 factories to containers and from containers to a disposal center (DC) at an organized region of automobile parts suppliers. We applied the classic mixed-integer programming (MIP) model for the two-stage supply chain to the solution of this problem. The visualization of the optimal solution provided us with several interesting insights that would not be easily discovered otherwise.
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Supply Chain Management Professionals
The only enterprise magazine for Supply Chain professionals of India.
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