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‘PsychSentinel’ –The Best System for Electronic Clinical Risk Management and Assessment
Clinical Excellence- a super specialist supplier of innovative clinical mental health care software points out that PsychSentinel is an excellent tool for Electronic Clinical Risk Management and Assessment.
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Responding to People at Risk of Suicide: How Can You and Your Organisation Help?
How can you help to manage suicide and self harm? This resource is designed for organisations and individuals who do not have a primary role in supporting people at risk of suicide, but may have contact with people at risk of suicide as part of their core business. Topics covered include risk factors and warning signs of suicide, common myths about suicide, understanding suicide across cultures, how to help someone at risk, what to do in a crisis, and what you can do to look after yourself.
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Suicide Prevention Task Force
Final Report., 233 pages.
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Urban Risk Assessments: Understanding Disaster and Climate Risk in Cities
This book presents a framework, the Urban Risk Assessment, for assessing disaster and climate risk in cities which is intended to assist in decision-making, urban planning, and designing risk management programs. The approach seeks to strengthen coherence and consensus within and across cities in understanding and planning for risk from natural disasters and climate change. The target audience for this book includes policy makers, urban practitioners and technical staff, and international organizations.
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World Suicide Prevention Day 2012
View this brochure, prepared by the International Association for Suicide Prevention, that discusses World Suicide Prevention Day, held annually on September 10th. This year's theme: "Suicide Prevention Across the Globe: Suicide Prevention across the Globe: Strengthening Protective Factors and Instilling Hope".
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Risk Governance Deficits: The most common deficits in risk governance”
A risk governance deficit is a failure in the identification, framing, assessment, management and communication of a risk issue or of how it is being addressed. As such, it can also be understood as a risk governance challenge. Governance deficits are common. They may be found throughout the risk handling process, and limit its effectiveness. They are actual and potential shortcomings and can be remedied or mitigated. The list of risk governance deficits and case studies were developed following a series of expert workshops held in Zurich and Geneva (November 2007, June 2008, November 2008 and June 2009). Participants comprised an international group of experts in risk assessment and management from government, academia, private industry and international organisations.
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2011 URMIA Journal
The URMIA Journal is the association's annual peer reviewed journal, providing members and other stakeholders with detailed articles delving into some of the latest hot topics and emerging trends in higher education risk management. Articles include: "Arming Campus Police: Managing the Risk," "How Health Care Reform Really Affects Student Health Plans," "International Branch Campuses and Unique Risk Considerations," "The Need to Establish a Framework to Manage Sport Clubs," "Enterprise Risk Management in Higher Education," "Getting Ready with UC Ready," "Planning for the Big One: A University’s Earthquake Response," "The Rising Price of Higher Education: The Next Bubble to Pop?," "Deliberately Indifferent: Crafting Equitable and Effective Remedial Processes to Address Campus Sexual Violence," "Campus Threat Assessment and Management Teams: What Risk Managers Need to Know Now," and "2010 URMIA Innovative Risk Management Solutions Award."
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Threat assessment: Defining an approach to assessing risk for targeted violence
Borum, R., Fein, R., Vossekuil, B., & Berglund, J. (1999). Threat assessment: Defining an approach to assessing risk for targeted violence. Behavioral Sciences & the Law, 17, 323-327.
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Water Tank Cleaning & Legionnaire’s Disease
Nemco Utilities 10 years experience in water tank cleaning services and water disinfection services and releases a story on this.
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2011 IASP News Bulletins
Offers 2011 news Bulletins of the International Association for Suicide Prevention
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