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Get Your Copy of India’s Struggle for Freedom Online
India's Struggle for Independence is considered to be a magnum opus as an historical chronicle of Indian freedom and its struggle. The book has elaborate descriptions of the overall freedom struggle, which means starting right from the revolt of 1857 up to the Indian National Movement, the Partition and finally the country’s freedom.
Uploaded by indiaplazaonline on 09/26/2011
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The Power Struggle
A feature article on the inner struggle... Our sinful nature is antagonistic and wants to control. However, the Holy Spirit should control. Unfortunately, this struggle is ongoing but with patience, persistence and perseverance, and of course with Christ we can win over the evil that would destroy.
Uploaded by queenphillips on 07/09/2009
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Tags: sin · evil · power · disobedience · struggle · jesus · flesh · christ · win

Highbraü 6 - Love & Struggle
From partisans to protestors, people are sweating, bleeding, and sacrificing in order to make out world a better place for us and those who will follow.
Uploaded by highbraumagazine on 08/26/2012
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Tags: highbrau · highbrau 6 · love · peace · struggle · war · world

Reflections On The Development Of Armed Struggle In Canada
Published in Open Road, Spring 1988, as The Politics Of Bombs. 18 pages.
Uploaded by randalljaykay on 05/17/2013
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Land Defense and Class Struggle
Building Alliances to defeat Capitalism
Uploaded by bayarearesistance on 05/06/2012
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The Struggle Between Going Back To Work and Being a Great Mother
You’re a new mom, and like every new mom who came before you, and all those still awaiting their turn, you will forevermore agonize over how your decisions will affect your children, immediately and in the future. The weight of the world is on your shoulders because you know you don’t get a do-over. Make your decisions with a positive mindset, and you will do right by yourself and your family every time.
Uploaded by advicefornewmothers on 11/27/2012
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MUSEZINE 12 - Struggle
Teen Council is a small group of high school students working closely with instructors in the Media Lab. Each year, the teens produce 3 MuseZines, a graphic publication of original work and commentary
Uploaded by teencouncil on 08/31/2011
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Tags: art · teens · struggle

The Class Struggle to get out of the hurricane
Revista 4 da INTERSINDICAL em ingles
Uploaded by intersindicalluta on 12/10/2012
Digital publication details: 56 pages.

The Struggle for Secularism in Europe and North America
The Struggle for Secularism in Europe and North America v
Uploaded by casabalcanes on 12/23/2012
Digital publication details: 300 pages.

Struggle For Human Dignity
Struggle For Human Dignity President of Guyana's Address at the International Forum on the Liberation of Southern Africa
Uploaded by guyanagraphichost on 04/28/2013
Digital publication details: 12 pages.
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