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Distributed Strategic Learning for Wireless Engineers
Although valued for its ability to allow teams to collaborate and foster coalitional behaviors among the participants, game theory's application to networking systems is not without challenges. Distributed Strategic Learning for Wireless Engineers illuminates the promise of learning in dynamic games as a tool for analyzing network evolution and underlines the potential pitfalls and difficulties likely to be encountered. Establishing the link between several theories, this book demonstrates what is needed to learn strategic interaction in wireless networks under uncertainty, randomness, and time delays. It addresses questions such as: How much information is enough for effective distributed decision making? Is having more information always useful in terms of system performance? What are the individual learning performance bounds under outdated and imperfect measurement? What are the possible dynamics and outcomes if the players adopt different learning patterns? If convergence occurs, what is the convergence time of heterogeneous learning? What are the issues of hybrid learning? How can one develop fast and efficient learning schemes in scenarios where some players have more information than the others? What is the impact of risk-sensitivity in strategic learning systems? How can one construct learning schemes in a dynamic environment in which one of the players do not observe a numerical value of its own-payoffs but only a signal of it? How can one learn "unstable" equilibria and global optima in a fully distributed manner? The book provides an explicit description of how players attempt to learn over time about the game and about the behavior of others. It focuses on finite and infinite systems, where the interplay among the individual adjustments undertaken by the different players generates different learning dynamics, heterogeneous learning, risk-sensitive learning, and hybrid dynamics.

Practical Investigation of Sex Crimes: A Strategic and Operational Approach
Because of the sensitive nature of sex crimes, police officials must develop a specialized set of interviewing skills to effectively investigate them. Written by former Commanding Officer of the Manhattan Special Victims Squad Thomas P. Carney, Practical Investigation of Sex Crimes: A Strategic and Operational Approach provides a day-to-day guide for investigating sex crimes. Using actual case histories, this comprehensive resource demonstrates the need for policymakers to create separate sex crime units within their jurisdictions and provides law enforcement officials with the tools necessary to thoroughly investigate these unique crimes.

From Crisis to Recovery: Strategic Planning for Response, Resilience and Recovery
Crises Happen. Will You Be Ready? Crises affect people on many different levels, including psychological well-being. The 2004/2009 tsunamis, hurricanes Rita and Katrina, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are among events continuing to affect millions of lives daily. Potential events like Avian and Swine Flu pandemics, global warming/climate change and threats of spreading unrest in the Middle East are concerns weighing heavily on all. Planning and coordination are important components of responses to crises, disasters, and critical incidents. Resilience, recovery from crises, community preparation, learning from past experience, and strategically planning for future events are all activities involving education, training and time of first responders, behavioral health professionals, chaplains and others. Additional response variables include cultural knowledge and sensitivity. We need to respond appropriately within a culture not our own, whether locally, nationally, or internationally. The purpose of a behavioral health plan is to ensure efficient, coordinated and effective responses to behavioral health needs of affected populations during times of disasters and other critical incidents. Readers of this book will: Learn how the community and individuals respond to recover from disasters. Identify activities in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters. Perform strategic planning and explain how it is helpful in mitigating and responding to disasters, critical incidents and other crises. Understand the mental health services provided to people affected by disasters, critical incidents and other crises. Identify and explain how disaster mental health professionals are affected by responding to disasters, critical incidents and other crises. Understand the stages of disaster recovery and how resilience affects each stage. Learn the signs and symptoms of disaster induced stress and emotional trauma and how resilience mitigates outcomes. Discover the mea

Operation Hebron
Personal adviser to President Ronald Reagan on sensitive terrorism situations, Jordan was asked by the President to accept private top-secret missions to Lebanon and elsewhere concerning American hostages after U.S. agencies had failed. Renowned and respected for his international expertise, global policy-level contacts, and strategic perspectives, he continues to advise governments, corporations, and VIPs while working on a second novel, The Man, based on the astounding global influence wielded by today's billionaires. Constant travelers, Eric Jordan and his wife divide their time between Europe and the United States. Jordan's first novel, Operation Hebron, was published in 2000 and is now also available as an e-book.

Targeted Prayers
Achieving Spiritual Freedom is not for the weak, meek, sensitive, passive or faint of heart. You must go after Spiritual freedom aggressively, passionately and strategically. You must be prepared to pray the daring prayers necessary to set yourself free from every form of captivity including witchcraft, late marriage, childlessness, poverty, rejection, failure at the point of breakthrough, generation curses, and household wickedness. Targeted Prayers is a book that will help you learn the dynamics of prayers and also equip you to arrest and court martial every opposition resisting your desired breakthroughs. They are harvesting prayers!

Leadership 2030
The tumultuous changes of the past decade, including China's economic rise and the financial meltdown, were just the beginning. The next cataclysmic wave is surging relentlessly ahead, demanding leaders who can steer their companies through complexity and change. Drawn from original research conducted jointly with foresight company Z-Punkt and further analyzed by Hay Group, Leadership 2030 uncovers six megatrends that will dramatically impact organizations' markets, cultures, systems, and processes: 1. Globalization 2.0: Asia dominates the global economy. 2. Climate change: Sustainability becomes imperative. 3. Individualism: Freedom of choice erodes loyalty. 4. Digitization: Boundaries blur between private and working lives. 5. Demographic changes: Aging populations intensify the talent war. 6. Converging technologies: The sharpest tech shift in history is around the corner. Research findings and case studies provide compelling evidence of each megatrend and highlight the skills, capabilities, and attitudes leaders must cultivate, such as adaptability, collaboration, cultural sensitivity, strategic thinking, meaning creation, and more. In the rush to produce quarterly profits in chaotic conditions, the longer view is often obscured. This forward-thinking book helps businesses everywhere prepare for the seismic changes on the horizon.

Brief Therapy Mindfulness
The world is changing; it opens like a flower to light new ways of learning and knowledge. The legacy of one thought is part of the annals of the dogmatic spirits. The same is true in education. All uncharted territory lies before us. Cognition is not everything. Now it is a voice that resonates everywhere. It will accompany states, affecting soul, feelings, and emotions to understand the teacher as a human being exercising a profession that takes knowledge and love. This works as the teacher changes as a person, with all its potential and vicissitudes. The aim is to change the teacher to good treatment from itself with the help of brief strategic therapy and mindfulness. A dialogue between East and West, strategic problem-solving techniques, and meditation techniques, talking the same language, the language of human rights, harmony, and cordiality that is necessary to put a stop to such violence and abuse in the relationship swarming pedagogical. We believe in the possibility of good treatment, a sensitive teacher who listens, encourages, and respects. It does not hurt or mistreat those who loves what he does and puts the human face of education in their performance. Here, the reader will find an original method for teaching change, going to manage breathing, reflection, and action to achieve full attention and deep awareness.

National Transport Models
National and European transport models become increasingly important. The broadening of national transport policy from strategic infrastructure investments to infrastructure management strengthens the need for advanced and more policy sensitive to

Development and Design of Heritage Sensitive Sites
This is the first book to provide readers with the skills to assess development potential from a holistic standpoint. Until now, architectural books on conservation matters have focused on preservation at a strategic level and restoration at a tec

Anglo-Iranian Relations since 1800
With contributions from renowned experts in the field, this book provides an excellent background to the history of Anglo-Iranian relations. Focusing on the political and economic relationship of Britain and issues of strategic sensitivity, the bo

Computer Security in Financial Organizations
This book provides a unique in-depth focus on how financial organizations and suppliers of computer security are currently addressing - in strategic terms - the problem of computer security. Written in an easy to read, non technical style the book is essential reading for all those involved in the management of this sensitive area, from computer security managers, financial directors and managers to analysts and designers in financial software houses. The report analyses the computer security requirements of a wide variety of organizations in the financial services sector, ranging from retail, commercial and investment banks to financial trading and investment management organizations.

Lockheed A-12
During the early years of the Cold War, the most effective way to gather strategic intelligence about the Soviet Union and its allies was manned overflight. Lockheed's U-2 was spectacularly successful in this role. Much to the concern of President Eisenhower, its shape meant that it could be tracked on Russian radars. Given the highly sensitive nature of such flights, the President insisted that every effort should be made to reduce to zero the U-2's radar cross section (RCS), thereby making the aircraft "invisible." When this was proven to be impossible, the stage was set for a U-2 replacement. Following a competition between Lockheed and Convair, the former was declared the winner and the result was the A-12. Designed to incorporate 'stealth' features before the term was even coined, the A-12 has to date proven to be the fastest, highest flying jet aircraft ever built, and is operated exclusively by the Central Intelligence Agency. This book will also cover a two-seat variation of the design built as an advanced interceptor - the YF-12. In addition, the D-21 drone programme, known as Tagboard will also be covered.

Corporate Manager's Security Handbook
This book will enable you to immediately develop an appreciation for the complex role of security in assuring profitability in every business. You will obtain an awareness of the need for security in support of all business processes and practices. Small business owners and managers will learn to effect the necessary changes in their businesses to increase their security posture at low cost and with minimal effort. The role of the security consultant is also detailed to assist managers in obtaining professional help when needed. Security awareness, a concept rarely understood or acknowledged by most, is discussed in this book in a manner that will change the reader's view with regard to seeing their business environment in terms of risk from criminal activity, industrial espionage, and vandalism. The sensitive topic of information security and its importance to every business is handled with regard to electronic media, written documents, and verbal communications to assist the reader in developing their own internal corporate protocols for the protection of the intellectual property and strategic business communications.

Structures for Strategy
.promotions decisions have long term consequences both positive and negative and must be deployed with diligence. The Structures for Strategy Promotions Plan is a strategy-crafting tool ideal for market communications planning. This formula is of specific interest to promotion, pr & sales managers for use as a comprehensive checklist in addressing strategic exposures. PROMOTIONS PLANNING is about the integration of promotional elements such as advertising, direct response, identity and image communication focused on revenue aims. Accuracy of exposure and correctness of processing ensures tightest targeting at segment sensitivities and responsiveness. Useful for the SBU/General/Corporate Manager, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur. seeking to ensure that the brand they manage is deployed with the best results. The unique design of the framework templates and methodology, utilized throughout the planning format, provides a pathway towards a highly-focused communications campaign.

Critical Incident Stress Management in Aviation
Critical incident stress management (CISM) is now a well-established method in crisis intervention, and one that is clearly needed within aviation. However, there are many peculiarities in this branch of CISM which require thorough consideration. People working in high-reliability environments need to be sensitive to others' reactions to critical stress. They are the normal reactions of normal people in abnormal situations. However, to ensure this a proper programme must be put in place, based on a scientific and standardized approach. This book describes the various methods and elements of the CISM model, as well as their interventions. It also investigates the benefits of CISM on the individual level and on an organisational strategic level. It details CISM training and courses, and features a case study based on the Überlingen accident of 2002.Critical Incident Stress Management in Aviation will be of direct relevance to human factors experts, safety managers, ATCOs and air navigation service providers, though there is also much that will be of interest to aviation physicians, psychologists and airport/airline managers.

Embracing Disabilities in the Classroom
How we treat others often influences how individuals feel about themselves. This book illustrates how educators can effectively promote sensitive, inclusive classroom practices that maximize success for students with disabilities. Embracing Disabilities in the Classroom provides content-rich interdisciplinary lessons accompanied by behavioral, academic, and social interventions that capitalize on student strengths. Inclusion expert Toby J. Karten demonstrates the impact of literature, self-advocacy, role playing, and strategic interventions on students' growth and achievement. The numerous lessons, tables, rubrics, instructional guidelines, and charts help readers: Determine effective strategies for differentiating instruction for specific disabilities Modify lessons and curriculum appropriately in the content areas Encourage students to become active participants in learning Increase disability awareness and foster inclusive mind-sets in students, colleagues, and familiesThis practical resource provides special education and general education teachers, principals, and teacher leaders with both effective instructional strategies for curriculum delivery and responsive approaches to promoting positive attitudes toward disabilities. Given appropriate support and an accepting environment, all students are able to achieve, thrive, and succeed in school and in life!

The Abilene Net
Internet usage over the last decade has exploded. Yet every day, we are seeing more and more compromises of information which is attached to the Internet. The Abilene Net explores why it is strategically impossible to fully and permanently protect information which is accessible through the Internet and proposes an alternative approach to electronic commerce. The Abilene Net contrasts and compares the current cyber war with traditional warfare and discusses a variety of issues associated with transmitting sensitive information over an open network which is accessible to virtually everyone. The book defines a series of security axioms and strategies to be considered when implementing a layered security model, recommending fundamental changes in our strategies associated with the exchange of sensitive information. The Abilene Net is a must read for CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, and other corporate officers who will be held increasingly responsible for protecting their company's information resources and the information of their customers.

Population and the World Bank: Adapting to Change
This population note focuses on how the Bank can increase its effectiveness in population and reproductive health by: 1) linking population to poverty reduction and human development; 2) adapting to diversity and change; 3) being sensitive to country contexts; 4) building on analysis and dialogue and providing sustained support; and 5) strengthening skills and partnerships. This paper is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1 describes key changes in population and reproductive health conditions that have occurred in borrower countries. Chapter 2 describes the response to these changing conditions in the policy and program arena and describes the Bank ' s involvement. Chapter 3 identifies special challenges and lessons learned in the design and implementation of Bank-supported policy and program initiatives. Chapter 4 explains how the Bank ' s renewal process will help staff and borrowers improve performance in population and reproductive health activities. A strategy matrix follows chapter 4. It maps key issues, strategic approaches, and performance indicators.

"I thought you are stuck at the Railway Station. But I am foolish. Now I see, you are deep in forests, deeper still in the spirit of humanity, blossoming through your hidden divinity. You are indeed, connected with all of us. Your Art touches our souls, because you pour inner vision, inner light that you see, inner voice that you hear. We are really deaf and blind. But your Art makes us see and hear the great message. Thanks Denise. I salute you for your surrealist art of the new genre." -Rajinder S. Bedi, Direct Descendant of Sri Guru Nanak Devji, New Delhi, India "Can't stop looking, admiration for your work. it speaks volumes/a silent thousand words about injustice, lack of love, deep understanding and compassion for HUMANITY." -Malinda Isa, Abstract Expressionist Master Painter, Washington, DC / Amsterdam, the Netherlands" God bless you Denise. He has gifted you to communicate intensely without words through your art. be certain that you are God's sent angel. : BEAUTIFUL … EXTRAORDINARY DENISE. YOU ARE SO SENSITIVE. HAVE TO BE TO CAPTURE THIS MAGIC." -Jorge Queiroz, International Business Counsel and Strategic Advisor, New York, NY

Stepping Up: Improving the Performance of China's Urban Water Utilities
As China transitions to a market economy, municipal utilities are evolving into commercially viable companies under government oversight. Great challenges confront the reform process for China's water utilities, including rapid urbanization and emerging inequality, coupled with severe water scarcity and degradation. Cities and their water utilities must provide services within a complex mosaic of policies and regulations provided by national and provincial governments. In China, as throughout the world, water is also a sensitive political issue. Governments are keen to provide good water service, but also attuned to the need to ensure that tariffs are socially acceptable. This report presents a strategic framework and set of recommendations for addressing these challenges and accelerating improvements in China's urban water utilities. Drawing upon the World Bank's experience in China, as well as the Bank's global knowledge, the report provides a comprehensive assessment of urban water services, including policy, regulatory, institutional, financial, and technical issues. The report will prove a valuable resource for policy makers, utility companies, and anyone interested in the development of the world's largest water market.
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