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Role of Information Systems for Strategic Agility in Supply Chain Setting: Telecommunication...
Abstract: The ability of a company to either adapt to the changes in the business environment or to influence the environment, for example by innovations, determines its success in gaining competitive advantage or even survival in the contemporary busines s environment. Both scholars and practitioners are constantly devising ways to survive the environmental pressures, such as, information overload, technological advances and obsolescence and globalization. This research proposes strategic agility comprise d of strategic sensitivity, strategic response and collective capabilities as one such business virtue required. One such competitive and complex industry is Telecommunication industry and this study makes use of a company in that industry to investigate strategic agility and information systems (IS) role in promoting strategic agility. In addition, the supply chain setting is considered because of its significance in the industry as one of the competitive factors. The research...
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Donor Conflict Sensitivity policy brief
This paper lays out the case for a renewed focus on conflict sensitivity by donor agencies. It presents recommendations for how donors can integrate conflict sensitivity into their own systems and processes, as well as how they can promote conflict sensitivity in their implementing partners. The paper is intended to inform and influence policy makers and practitioners across a range of donor agencies. The recommendations have relevance across humanitarian, development and peacebuilding activities. It has been developed by the Department for International Development (DFID) funded Conflict Sensitivity Consortium (CSC), and draws upon experience and lessons learned during implementation of the Consortium project.
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The Changing Role of Knowledge in Companies: How to Improve Business Performance Through...
Knowledge is widely accepted as strategic resource in companies, but its developmental potential is often not well exploited. Amongst others this is caused by the wide variety of knowledge management concepts, methods and tools challenging company management in selecting the appropriate measure for the specific company situation and developmental goal. Furthermore, knowledge is directly linked to people and knowledge-based interventions therefore cannot be successful without reaching the company’s employees and getting them involved in any change processes. Against this background the paper discusses the changing role of knowledge in companies and investigates how knowledge-based change processes in companies need to be launched and run. Based upon this a methodological framework is proposed in order to help companies in identifying their needs for change and purposefully intervening in their processes and eventually to lend them a hand in managing their human resources,...
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Supplier and Buyer Driven Channels in a Two-Stage Supply Chain
We explore the impact of power structure on price, sensitivity of market price, and profits in a two-stage supply chain with single product, supplier and buyer, and a price sensitive market. We develop and analyze the case where the supplier has dominant bargaining power and the case where the buyer has dominant bargaining power. We consider a pricing scheme for the buyer that involves both a multiplier and a markup. We show that it is optimal for the buyer to set the markup to zero and use only a multiplier. We also show that the market price and its sensitivity are higher when operational costs (namely distribution and inventory) exist. We observe that the sensitivity of the market price increases non-linearly as the wholesale price increases, and derive a lower bound for it. Through experimental analysis, we show that marginal impact of increasing shipment cost and carrying charge (interest rate) on prices and profits are decreasing in both cases…
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TSM #9
TSM9 discusses student apathy and organizing, the impending destruction of Cody Hall, Take Back the Lance, several students' initiatives in Africa and more.
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Contextual Sensitivity in Grounded Theory: The Role of Pilot Studies
Grounded Theory is an established methodological approach for context specific inductive theory building. The grounded nature of the methodology refers to these specific contexts from which emergent propositions are drawn. Thus, any grounded theory study requires not only theoretical sensitivity, but also a good insight on how to design the research in the human activity systems to be studied. The lack of this insight may result in inefficient theoretical sampling or even erroneous purposeful sampling. These problems would not necessarily be critical, as it could be argued that through the elliptical process that characterizes grounded theory, remedial loops would always bring the researcher to the core of the theory. However, these elliptical remedial processes can take very long periods of time and result in catastrophic delays in research projects. As a strategy, this paper discusses, contrasts and compares the use of pilot studies in four different grounded theory projects....
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RTDs and High Strength Premixes: A Growing and Increasingly Sophisticated Category
The recession years turned out to be a blessing in disguise for RTDs, which saw recovering sales on the back of price sensitivity, at-home consumption and a renewed focus on convenience. A resurgent demand led to investment in research and development, while shifting the focus to a more socially responsible and sustainable path for growth. The timing is right, if RTDs continue to capitalise on high margins and a lack of overtly restrictive production regulations, further growth is on the cards.Euromonitor International's RTDs and High Strength Premixes: A Growing and Increasingly Sophisticated Category global briefing offers an insight into to the size and shape of the Alcoholic Drinks market in both the off-trade and the on-trade, it highlights buzz topics, emerging geographies, categories and trends as well as pressing industry issues and white spaces. It identifies the leading companies and brands by total volume, offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market - ...
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Gender Awareness and Sensitivity Applications - Training Resource Pack
a collection of activities which can be used for training on Gender Awareness. Designed for a Non-Profit organisation based in Ahmedabad, India - Unnati organisation for Development Education. designed in single colour to facilitate reproduction using photocopy at local level Art Direction and Design: tarun Deep Girdher Illustrations: Ranjit Balmuchu
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Smith. Strategic planning in PR
Smith. Strategic planning in PR
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Strategic Environment Assesment
The document is mention about a planning of development an area, which use comprehensif view
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