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The Forgotten Phase of Strategic Project Management
This is a presentation for the 2013 PMI Nashville Symposium. During this presentation Craig will set the stage for the Strategic Project Management track and introduce the audience to the Forgotten Phase of Strategic Project Management. The forgotten phase is before a project begins, where the vision is set and the mission of the project goals are first decided. He will talk about Strategy and his storms of chaos model, Change Management and his butterfly model, his Drivers of Change model, Systems Thinking, and the how the foundational principle of Excellent Management works together to set the stage for project selection.
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MSc Strategic Project Management Handbook 2010-11
Handbook for students on our MSc Strategic Project Management programme here at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.
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Strategic Planning for Project Management Using a Project Management Maturity Model
Strategic Planning for Project Management Using a Project Management Maturity Model
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Bridging Operational, Strategic and Project Management Information Systems for Tactical...
Abstract: Tactical Management is a distinctive managerial function that needs to be delineated both in the managerial and information systems sense. This research of literature investigates current types of managerial information systems in order to evalu ate the various manners tactical management is addressed. Ongoing research supports us to pursue a goal of properly defining Tactical Management, its characteristics and distinctiveness from the Operational, Strategic and Project Management; but also its connection points and overlapping collaboration areas with these managerial functions. This ought to provide proper basis for recognizing the information system requirements for tactical management and shed light on what should and can be done differently , in order to align the tactical management business profile and needs with the information provisioned by managerial information systems. Given that Tactical Management needs adaptability to changing context (organizational and...
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Keys to planning and execution of the information systems strategy
Within the sphere of strategic planning of information systems, at some point one must decide on the organisational model to be adopted in order to implement the plans.
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Information systems strategy management: positioning
The positioning adopted by the company, ideally by means of an explicit senior management decision, is probably the most important step to be taken in executing any information systems strategy.
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Project Portfolio Management And The PMO
IIR Middle East - Training Course | Enhance your current project organisational environment and shape a specific Project portfolio management and PMO structure. Identify business value and ensure you invest in the optimal project portfolios. Meet strategic change goals using a combined application of project portfolio management and the PMO. Select the right projects for the right reasons. Enhance clear priorities across all projects in the portfolio and institute a coherent staging process for programmes/projects within the portfolio. Establish a clear understanding of resource capacity management. Identify the appropriate PMO model and structure. Understand PMO functions, roles and responsibilities and identify and respond to PMO implementation challenges.
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Information systems strategy
Information systems strategy should be viewed as supplementing business strategy, helping to apply technology better in order to underpin the aims and competitive advantages pursued.
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Speaking Business
There is often a distance between business and IT. Possible reasons are barriers in thinking and communication. Find out what IT can do to get out of the technology edge. 10 steps for the IT to change from a technology provider to a business partner.
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Advanced project portfolio management and the PMO
This comprehensive book covers the strategy, tactics, and processes needed for successful project portfolio management. It outlines a road map to unprecedented project management improvement and includes a detailed implementation plan for both strategic planning and a PMO that gives you measurable results in weeks. The authors delineate four processes that get a PMO off the ground much faster, driving bottom-line value almost immediately. It includes real PMO case studies, provides a way to evaluate your PMO, illustrates how Six Sigma and the PMO can support each other and be used to drive bottom-line value and presents the new Theory of Constraints 4x4 method of strategic planning and the Critical Chain Multi-Project Management approach. . This book shows you how to turn a PMO into a value machine.
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