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TSM #9
TSM9 discusses student apathy and organizing, the impending destruction of Cody Hall, Take Back the Lance, several students' initiatives in Africa and more.
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Strategic recommendations on key research priority issues
Strategic recommendations on key research prior
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Slovak UNDP Trust Fund (2003-2008)
The Slovak-UNDP Trust Fund was established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme, in order to secure development assistance in selected priority countries, promote development awareness and support national development components. The Trust Fund is managed as a regional project, and executed and implemented directly by the UNDP’s Bratislava Regional Centre (BRC). In the period between 2003 and 2008, 13.85 million USD was donated to the Slovak-UNDP Trust Fund.
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Priority International Communications
During recent tragedies like Japan’s tsunami and nuclear meltdown in 2011, the London bombings in 2005, and the 2008 Mumbai and 9/11 terrorist attacks, some critical communications failed to make it through congested networks. According to a report released today by the EastWest Institute, Priority International Communications (PIC) capability is needed to help prevent the loss of lives and property in such crisis situations. Based on inputs from leading telecommunications industry experts, the report sets forth straightforward steps needed to set up an international capability for both government officials and private sector leaders. As emerging networks’ technologies and services continue to demand greater and greater bandwidth, these congestion scenarios will likely occur more frequently.
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Clear Creek Consulting Our Services
Detailed description of Clear Creek Consulting Services
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FSU 2009-2014 Strategic Plan Book
This is Fayetteville State Universities Strategic plan for 2009-2014.
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Capacity Building Grants 2008
A great document for researching grants available in the education, health and technology arena.
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The LEAD Plan 2018
The Citadel's strategic plan to promote Leadership Excellence and Academic Distinction
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AFD Strategic Orientation Plan 2012 - 2016
After ten years of strong growth and substantial transformation at AFD, the third Strategic Orientation Plan (POS3) builds on the potential it has acquired. It aims to strengthen AFD and situate it within the framework of the new “partnership for development” promoted by the French Government. In a rapidly changing international environment, AFD is underscoring its strategy to finance long-term development activities. The aim is to help communities build sustainable conditions to allow them to meet their priority needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
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Dementia: A public health priority
El informe, elaborado por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) y la Asociación Internacional de Alzheimer (ADI), recoge los datos epidemiológicos de los diferentes tipos de demencia, así como el impacto económico que suponen estas patologías
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