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A Guide to Strategic Planning
Over 100 pages of essential information about strategic planning. Includes the following sections: The Basics, The Vision, The Execution, The Results, Prepare For Change, The Market, The Follow through
Uploaded by sgba on 05/23/2011
Digital publication details: 107 pages.

Guide To Strategic Planning
Exclusive publication of over 100 pages of essential information about strategic planning. Includes the follwoing sections: The Basics The Vision The Execution The Results Prepare For Change The Market The Followthrough
Uploaded by ukba on 05/12/2009
Digital publication details: 107 pages.

Multi-stakeholder initiatives. A strategic guide for civil society organizations
The rationale for civil society organisations (CSOs) to engage in multi- stakeholder initiatives is to influence corporate activities to move in a more sustainable direction. Over the past 15 years, CSOs, which include non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and trade unions, have been involved in many different initiatives involving multiple stakeholders. This guidebook takes stock of the experiences they have gained and identifies lessons they have learned in the process. The aim is to strengthen the influence of CSOs in multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs). This guide is intended for professionals working for CSOs and participating in MSIs. It provides strategic perspectives for action and highlights critical issues to address when participating in MSIs.
Uploaded by somoamsterdam on 03/25/2012
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Tags: msi · somo · stakeholders

The Sustainable Music Festival - A STRATEGIC GUIDE -
A guidebook to help your music festival take strategic and meaningful steps towards sustainability
Uploaded by hypeio on 04/14/2010
Digital publication details: 40 pages.

A Practical Guide to Strategic Enrollment Management
Strategic enrollment management (SEM) is an institution‐wide responsibility and the central focus of the institution’s overall strategic plan. SEM focuses on what is best for students and how to ensure their success while addressing all aspects of the institution’s mission. Just like overall strategic planning, strategic enrollment management starts with the institution’s mission. This will serve as the beginning and end of the focus for this strategic enrollment management planning guide.
Uploaded by weierman on 11/24/2010
Digital publication details: 86 pages.

Building Communities Together: Strategic Planning Guide
This publication, Building Communities Together: Strategic Planning Guide, was designed to assist communities applying for Empowerment Zone or Enterprise Communities designation and to create the kind of Strategic Plan that not only serve as the core of their applications, but will be useful in guiding the revitalization of their communities. This document was authored by William Potapchuk and colleagues from the Program for Community Problem Solving
Uploaded by billpotap on 05/31/2009
Digital publication details: 85 pages.

ABS - Strategic Communication Guide
This Guide offers advice about the role, relevance and use of communication for implementing Access and Benefit-sharing (ABS) systems at the national level. It provides an overview of communication considerations, approaches and methods for the different phases of ABS implementation.
Uploaded by absinitiative on 12/19/2012
Digital publication details: 88 pages.

UWCM Strategic Plan
This plan outlines the strategic direction for United Way of Central Maryland for 2010-2013.
Uploaded by uwcm on 11/02/2010
Digital publication details: 20 pages.

Role of Information Systems for Strategic Agility in Supply Chain Setting: Telecommunication...
Abstract: The ability of a company to either adapt to the changes in the business environment or to influence the environment, for example by innovations, determines its success in gaining competitive advantage or even survival in the contemporary busines s environment. Both scholars and practitioners are constantly devising ways to survive the environmental pressures, such as, information overload, technological advances and obsolescence and globalization. This research proposes strategic agility comprise d of strategic sensitivity, strategic response and collective capabilities as one such business virtue required. One such competitive and complex industry is Telecommunication industry and this study makes use of a company in that industry to investigate strategic agility and information systems (IS) role in promoting strategic agility. In addition, the supply chain setting is considered because of its significance in the industry as one of the competitive factors. The research...
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The Strategic Salteña Consumption Guide
The Strategic Salteña Consumption Guide tells readers how to safely eat a Salteña
Uploaded by markow on 08/17/2008
Digital publication details: 3 pages.
Tags: direction · saltena · food
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