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How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro
How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck is a quick and easy guide that will make your video better instantly-- whether you read it cover to cover or just skim a few chapters.  It's about the language of video. How to think like a director, regardless of equipment (amateurs think about the camera, pros think about communication).  It's about the rules developed over a century of movie-making--which work just as well when shooting a two-year-old's birthday party. Written by Steve Stockman, the director of Two Weeks (2007), plus TV shows, music videos, and hundreds of commercials, How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck explains in 74 short, pithy, insightful chapters how to tell a story and entertain your audience. How to shoot video people will want to watch. Here's how to think in shots--how to move-point-shoot-stop-repeat, instead of planting yourself in one spot and pressing "Record" for five minutes. Why never to shoot until you see the whites of your subject's eyes. Why to "zoom" with your feet and not the lens. How to create intrigue on camera. The book covers the basics of video production: framing, lighting, sound (use an external mic), editing, special effects (turn them off!), and gives advice on shooting a variety of specific situations: sporting events, parties and family gatherings, graduations and performances. Plus, how to make instructional and promotional videos, how to make a music video, how to capture stunts, and much more. At the end of every chapter is a suggestion of how to immediately put what you learned into practice, so the next time you're shooting you'll have begun to master the skill. Accompanying the book is a website with video clips to illustrate different video production rules, techniques, and situations.
Published by: Workman Publishing Company | Publication date: 06/02/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 258 pages

Digital SLR Video and Filmmaking For Dummies
Step-by-step guide for using your digital SLR to make quality video With digital SLR cameras becoming more and more popular as replacements for standalone video cameras, this book helps photographers become better videographers and shows videographers how to incorporate DSLRs into their work. The book includes an overview of the DSLR video tools and process and shows how to establish camera settings for effective capture, light a scene, get sound, and achieve the film look. The book also offers the basics on editing footage into a final product using common video editing tools.
  • Offers everything needed to shoot, produce, and edit a professional looking videos using DSLR video equipment
  • Written for both professional photographers and videographers and those just starting out
  • Includes the steps for applying information to a film project, including developing a screenplay, approaching shooting like a cinematographer, and directing
  • Contains a walkthrough of common video projects including making a music video, a wedding video, and video greeting card
Digital SLR Video and Filmmaking for Dummies is designed to help photographers ramp up their video skills, videographers add DSLRs to their toolkits, and amateurs begin shooting their own short films and videos.
Author: John Carucci
Published by: For Dummies | Publication date: 01/23/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 416 pages

As a freelance cameraman for 40 years Dave learned early and often that the power of video - to inform, entertain, or inspire - flows not from the camera, but from the craft. Whether you're shooting news, documentaries, sports, business, or entertainment the same principles apply.Dave distills his accumulated know-how into a set of core principles he calls The Laws of Camerawork. Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker, a seasoned professional, or the home/office paparazzi, VIDEO RULES will dramatically shorten your learning curve, showing you how to...COMPOSE IRRESISTIBLE IMAGESHARNESS THE EMOTIONAL FORCE OF AUDIOHARMONIZE WITH THE CLIENT (OR COLLEAGUE) FROM HELLPREPARE FOR A WAR ZONE...AND LIVE TO TELL THE STORYDISCOVER AND DEVELOP YOUR UNIQUE GIFTSGROW A PROSPEROUS AND BULLETPROOF CAREERWith VIDEO RULES as a guide, the stories you shoot will be the ones people remember...and talk about.“If you were only going to buy one book to improve your shooting skills I would make it this one. A must-read if you're looking to get more creative, shoot better video, and take kick-ass pictures.” Annie L, Amazon customer“The best, most concise book about shooting video I've read. It's deep, but also a quick read. A great book by a master of the art of video.” Author/Photographer, Amazon reviewer“Video Rules provides practical knowledge coupled with real life experience. This book has confirmed for me what I’m doing right and provided insight into what I could be changing. A quick read that is not bogged down by technical jargon, this is easily accessible material for all levels of cinematographers. I highly recommend this book.” John Shaterian, producer/cameraman“I find this book immensely inspiring. As a visual artist using video as a complementary tool for projects and documentations, I consider this an invaluable collection of tools suitable for many different fields of work. It is clear and informative and at the same time packed with know-how. 5 stars!” Leif Jacobsson, visual artist“I only wish someone had written this when I started making films over 15 years ago!” Simon Sharman, filmmaker“Dave's approach of sharing knowledge learned from many years of professional experience is so down to earth. Hopefully, this book becomes a bible for new video professionals.” Leon Gerskovic, documentary producer“Video Rules gave me many things to consider and think about. I've since changed my whole concept of how I shoot video!” Andrew Magnuson, videographer“It's an absolutely great book! Very enjoyable to read with lots of useful tips. Dave draws from his own experiences, with funny, touching and valuable stories in between, making it a very personal book.” Suzanne van Leendert, filmmaker “Dave’s passion for filming and the depth of his knowledge of the craft really come across in this book. He's "been there, done that", and offers hard-won lessons and insights from a true pro's perspective.” Nigel Bellis, producer/director“I am the co-owner of a boutique creative agency making the move to shooting video for the web. This book is chock full of tips relevant to anyone thinking about diving into the video-making game. I appreciate that the author shares everything from the down and dirty how-tos of thinking about sound, how to frame the shot, and to how to work with clients.” Stephanie S., producer/director “I really enjoy books that nail the material. This was a quick read and a great refresher for those of us who have been shooting for a long time.” Kevin Jeffrey, cameraman“After reading Video Rules I feel as though I have a mentor with me all the time!” Annemieke Ruggenberg, producer/videographer“If you want to shoot at the pro level then read this book.” Mark I., filmmaker
Author: Dave Lent
Published by: Burgess-Lent Media | Publication date: 12/15/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 190 pages

The Video Editing Handbook
Each month, video tops the charts as the fastest growing medium on the web. Consumers and businesses turn to videos to discover and share information quickly and effectively. With this guide, you too will be able to create fun, powerful videos as you learn:The 3 actionsThe 4 formatsThe 2 stylesAnd more!The Video Editing Handbook is ideal for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS will teach you the basics of easy, clean video editing as well as useful strategies for workflow, hosting, delivering, and working with others.
Author: Aaron Goold
Publication date: 08/01/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 303 pages

Run 'n Gun Videography: The Lone Shooter's Survival Guide
If you are a lone shooter or just a couple of people making up a video company, between you and me you are a ‘run and gunner’. A medium to large production company will show up to a venue much like any S.W.A.T. does–as you’ve seen in any number of police dramas. You and I however arrive to that same venue with a 6 shooter on our hips and have to accomplish the same task–and usually in less time. That stands to reason because there’s no vast chain of command, no truckloads of equipment to unload, set up, break down and reload, no large crew to feed, and few if any round-table discussions, meetings or negotiations. And no internal politics.On the downside, the whole shebang rests firmly on your own shoulders along with full responsibility for it. Worse, the client will want the video to be as good as the one produced by the ‘SWAT team’. Well guess what? You can do it and that’s what this book is about.As in any field, there are core principles which, when applied, give predictable professional results.There are good car mechanics and bad ones.There are good videographers and bad ones.The difference is an understanding and skillfull application of the basics. With that, experience gradually breeds confidence and judgment.Run ‘n Gun Videography–The Lone Shooter’s Survival Guide gives you the fundamental basics in a simple and easy-to-understand way that is instantly applicable. That is not to say it is not a vast technical and artistic subject that couldn’t as easily be explained in a book ten times its size. But it is to say that this is the distillation of what is important and what all the rest is based upon.The book doesn’t pretend that you can compete with the ‘cinematic’ look produced by larger crews and the array of equipment they have at hand.But it doesn’t say that you can’t either.The dirty little secret is that there are far more important things to videography and cinematography–or the ‘cinematic look’ for that matter–than specialized equipment and techniques. Too often these fancy cinematic productions are poorly done or done for the wrong reasons.This book will help you get your priorities straight and set you on a positive path toward the ability to produce professional results with a fraction of the crew, equipment, overhead and time. But that’s all it can do–set you on a positive path.It’s not to say that there is no hard work involved and it’s not to say you won’t make mistakes. I still do. But it is to say that if you understand and apply these fundamentals, you will arrive much sooner to the place you want to be.
Author: Joe Caneen
Published by: Joe Caneen | Publication date: 01/04/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 219 pages

Cheap Movie Tricks: How To Shoot A Short Film For Under $2,000
#1 Amazon Best Seller! — Want to know how to make a movie on a tight budget?How to make a movie: Filmmaker Rickey Bird and screenwriter and novelist Al Guevara are on a mission to help indie moviemakers everywhere. Today’s indie film market is growing by leaps and bounds. At the same time, many aspiring filmmakers are running into their share of problems:
  • not enough money for crews
  • over budget and more than likely making the wrong movie
  • can’t get the attention of an indie studio
  • should have started with a short film to gain attention
Cheap Movie Tricks: Film school numbers aren’t down. They’re increasing at more than 2,600 film-related courses worldwide. You probably didn’t even realize 48% of all film schools are in the U.S. and U.K. Thousands of aspiring filmmakers are literally learning how to use cheaper, widely available filmmaking technology, as well as the craft of making movies from books pulled from bookstore and library shelves. They’re totally DIY and the most creative people you will ever meet. Rickey Bird’s Hectic Films is a Southern California enterprise that is building a filmmaking empire on a budget. His short films, feature films, micro docs and tutorials have landed in some of the biggest American film festivals and been seen online throughout the world. The result? Millions of views worth of exposure from films online, in festivals and creative marketing literally on the street. His many projects have seen leading B actors like Hulk Hogan and Vernon Wells (Mad Max Road Warrior), make-up artists from the TV show Grimm, and stuntmen from the Call of Duty games.What you’ll learn inside this book:
  • how planning and shooting a short film today can lead to a feature-length project tomorrow
  • everything you need to know about writing a movie project on a burger budget
  • tips on how to find locations and not get arrested
  • shooting tips galore for building exciting scenes
  • sound and film editing tips and all kinds of special effects wizardry, including puppetry
  • screenings, promotions and juicy tips on film festival strategy
Author: Rickey Bird
Published by: Mango | Publication date: 05/23/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 288 pages

Digital Filmmaking For Kids For Dummies
The easy way for kids to get started with filmmaking If you've been bitten by the filmmaking bug—even if you don't have a background in video or access to fancy equipment—Digital Filmmaking For Kids makes it easy to get up and running with digital filmmaking! This fun and friendly guide walks you through a ton of cool projects that introduce you to all stages of filmmaking. Packed with full-color photos, easy-to-follow instruction, and simple examples, it shows you how to write a script, create a storyboard, pick a set, light a scene, master top-quality sound, frame and shoot, edit, add special effects, and share your finished product with friends or a global audience. Anyone can take a selfie or upload a silly video to YouTube—but it takes practice and skill to shoot professional-looking frames and make your own short film. Written by a film and video professional who has taught hundreds of students, this kid-accessible guide provides you with hands-on projects that make it fun to learn all aspects of video production, from planning to scripting to filming to editing. Plus, it includes access to videos that highlight and demonstrate skills covered in the book, making learning even easier and less intimidating to grasp.
  • Create a film using the tools at hand
  • Plan, script, light and shoot your video
  • Edit and share your film
  • Plan a video project from start to finish
If you're a student aged 7–16 with an interest in creating and sharing your self-made video, this friendly guide lights the way for your start in digital filmmaking.
Published by: For Dummies | Publication date: 04/22/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 304 pages

How To Make a Movie: Learn to write, shoot and market your first film.
This is a must have for every new and student film maker. The book takes you from creating your script through acting, lighting, camera and sound technology through marketing ideas.
Published by: | Publication date: 01/25/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 214 pages

Once Upon a Congressman
The fairy tale became a reality. But, who knew that when little Stevie Stockman was born and grew to be a homeless man that Stockman would one day be a United States Congressman from Texas? His Maker knew, for it was He Whom placed him in that position. The former US Congressman along with his student, Movie Actress/Model/Author/Recording Artist, now also Christian Recording Artist, Ishah Wright (who recently reached maximum popularity in iTunes per iTunes with four (4) of Wright's solo versions of Wright's song, "Miracle") hope you will be inspired by this photographic journalistic autobiographical eBook. This is because they know that if God gave each of them success, God will do such for you, as well, if you have faith! This eBook is a perfect evangelistic tool, also.
Published by: Ishah Wright and US Congressman Steve Stockman | Publication date: 01/07/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 214 pages