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Edberg supports drug testing
During a season ending press conference in Rome in 1992, Stefan Edberg backs the option of drug testings on tennis players when out of competition. "I don't think that drugs are a problem but I feel they should be able to come down to test us even during practice periods", he says. The article from the New Sunday Times of November 15, 1992.
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Graf, Edberg win in tennis
An article from the Associated Press of August 12th, 1984 about Stefan Edberg's and Steffi Graf's gold medals at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, where tennis was a demonstration sport.
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Heads up!
In the issue of August 1987 of World Tennis an interview with Stefan Edberg by Kim Cunningham and a portrait of the Swede, described as one of the major contenders for the world n.1. The "Scouting report" by Paul Cohen provides a deep analysis of Stefan's game.
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Davis Cup 1996 Official Yearbook Foreword
Stefan Edberg has the honour to sign the foreword to the Official Yearbook of the 1996 Davis Cup by NEC, the last event he played in his 14 years of professional tennis, losing the final (a record 7th) against France in Malmo. In this preface, Stefan stresses how important, even if demanding, it is to play for one's country in a sport like tennis which is mainly individual.
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Ex-tennis star nets a fortune
An interview with Stefan Edberg by Alexandra Goss of Sunday Times about the former world n.1's activities in the world of finance and fund management he started after retiring from professional tennis.
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Tips from the top - Backhand volley
From Serve and Volley of October 1988, an analysis of Stefan Edberg's technique on his masterly backhand volley by LTA coach Charles Applewhaite.
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A Stand-up Guy
A special report from Sports Illustrated of June 24th 1991, written just before Wimbledon of that year, where Stefan was defending champion. A portrait of Stefan Edberg from his childhood to the life on the professional tour, with a focus on his typically Swedish sense of humor. By Franz Lidz
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The coolest champion
Just a couple of months after his 1988 Wimbledon title, a profile of Stefan Edberg by Kim Cunningham of the magazine "World Tennis"
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"It's hard not being nice"
Stefan Edberg interviewed by Christofer Brask on the March 2007 issue of Intrum Iustitia magazine about his policy on getting paid on time in business.
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Love match
Article from "Tennis", issue of July 1992, about Stefan Edberg and Annette Olsen's marriage in Växjö on April 18th, 1992
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