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MCC DC Standard Operating Procedures
Uploaded by mccchurch on 12/07/2011
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A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a set of instructions having the force of a directive, covering those features of operations that lend themselves to a definite or standardized procedure without loss of effectiveness. The presence of these quality documents is essential when inspections take place since the most frequent reported deficiencies during inspections are the lack of written SOPs and/or the failure to adhere to them. The SOP writing process is critical to successful implementation of SOPs.
Uploaded by petroedge on 12/05/2010
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Supply Chain Management: Standard Operating Procedures
These procedures should guide supply chain management for AIDSRelief programs. This document outlines product selection, forecasting and quantification, procurement planning and management, warehousing and inventory management, distribution, consumption, capacity building and policy research.
Uploaded by catholicreliefservices on 07/07/2011
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PAHO Ethics Review Committee Standard Operating Procedures
PAHOERC's structure and review process (including the requirements for the submission of proposals) is dictated by the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The purpose of these Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is to delineate the structure and process followed by the Ethics Review Committee of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHOERC) for review of proposals, including the requirements for research proposals submitted for ethical review. These standard operating procedures were approved by the Director, Dr. Mirta Roses-Periago 1 May 2009. Your comments and feedback are welcome and can be submitted to [email protected]
Uploaded by researchforhealth on 04/30/2009
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GEMP Standard Operating Procedures for HPAI Response
GEMP Standard Operating Procedures produced for FAO/UN.
Uploaded by clafferty on 11/02/2011
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Standard Operating Procedures v 3.0
The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document of Deep Space Two, a chapter of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association. This is Version 3.0 of the document, dated January 17, 2008
Uploaded by davedorm on 02/09/2008
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Eight Pillars of an Effective Quality System
In the traditional compliance approach, Quality Assurance and Compliance are backroom cost centers, piling on non-value added requirements that detract from the company’s ability to innovate and be profitable.
Uploaded by busintellsol on 02/26/2012
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Standard Supply Electronics
Voice & Data Products Catalog
Uploaded by standard on 04/02/2008
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The Operating Theatre Journal
December 2010 Edition 243
Uploaded by lawrand on 12/05/2010
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Special Education Manual
Uploaded by rraymon on 12/03/2008
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