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Extended Control and Enhanced Revenues in Business with Remote Desktops

Applications that boost performances, leverage efficiency and agility and render profitable returns without escalating the costs are in high demand as businesses struggle to cope with the intense pressure.
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Dog Agility Chute - Bond With Your Dog

Dog agility chutes are great ways to bond with your dog while teaching him or her agility exercises.
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agility training workouts

agility training workouts
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Gear Up to Healthcare Agility

Why is agility so critical to healthcare IT? Consumerism and government regulations are evolving. Globalization and “medical tourism” are growing. Business models are ever changing. This new competitive environment has healthcare CIOs responding to market drivers and focusing on consumer needs and expectations.
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RNN Based Rotor Flux and Speed Estimation of Induction Motor

Speed control of induction motor can be obtained by closed loop system which require speed sensor. Speed sensor system is less effective for wide plant system, because the sensor location is too far from the main control system and measurement result is less accurate. This paper presents the development of speed sensorless field oriented control (FOC) of induction motor by using the rotor flux and speed observers. The observers only required the stator voltage and current of induction motor to obtain the rotor flux and speed estimation. The observers based on recurrent neural network (RNN) methods are implemented. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by simulation. Simulation results show that RNN observer can produce well the rotor flux and speed estimation. MSE values of the rotor flux estimation are between 0.000087 and 0.000264, whereas MSE values of the speed estimation are between 43.0552 and 156.0798.
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Adoption and Trends 2011

Today cloud services evoke an understanding and expectation of scalability, agility and valuefor- money on a pay-as-you-go basis that can therefore fit the needs of the smallest business or consumer to the largest enterprise or government. It is less technology and more about challenging the fundamentals of how you manage IT operations (and therefore business) efficiently in an online world.
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VWork: Measuring the benefits of agility at work

This report identifies the three Vs: Virtual, adVantage and Value that will define the benefits of agile working as it emerges over the next decade. As the concept of ‘virtuality’ gains ground, monetizing agility and creating a robust business case for changing the way we work will become essential. Winning strategies at work is all about success. And this success is for both employer and employee as the concept of VWork delivers dividends in a number of areas. Find out more about Regus: http://www.regus.com/?utm_campaign=issuu View the VWork launch presentation: http://slidesha.re/jOqU9r It was given at WorkTech New York on May 18, 2011 by Bob Gaudreau, Executive Vice-President Sales & Marketing at Regus.
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dogsportmag.eu : February 2012

This is our 2nd issue : Agility at the FMBB Hero Team Europe - disc dog(Julia Zimmermann , Bettina Koch , Eva Zwicker, Jean McCollister, Timo Kehlbeck) Interview with Simon Baiocco (IPO) Interview with John Stewart (Mushing) What is a Skyhoundz competition? Zsofi Biro (Amadeus Agility Worldcup 2011) interview with Karen Sykes ( Heelwork to Music - dog dance)
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Speed Training Drills

Speed Training Drills. Top 10 Speed Training Myths
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Agility Foundations

Foundation Agility class
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