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Sociology at Iowa State University
A background of the Sociology discipline at Iowa State University. Compiled by Dr. Lee Burchinal
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Recruiting Sociology Majors: What Are the Effects of the Great Recession?
American Sociological Association research brief that is based on the first set of findings from its 2012 Bachelor’s and Beyond survey, and which focuses on changes in patterns of recruitment and retention of sociology majors before and after the Great Recession. It concludes by offering some strategies for increasing the likelihood of bringing new majors in the door and retaining them in the department.
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Academic Paper - Sociology of Music
Academic Paper - Sociology of Music
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Heartlands Academy Sociology AS / A Level
Sociology is the study of society. At A Level Sociology you will study how different theories have changed and effected education, family policies and the politics of the UK. Sociology looks at issues such as how those from different backgrounds are more likely to turn to crime.
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Sociology Department requirements (14 courses [at least 56 units]) 2. Upper-division requirements (9 courses [at least 36 units]) 1. Lower-division requirements (5 courses [at least 20 units]) Sociology Major c) An additional four elective courses (at least 16 units) in Soc iology (No more than 5 units from any combination of SOC 190, SOC 197, SOC 198-I.) (6) Social Institutions and Change: SOC 120, SOC 122, SOC 123, SOC 139/MCS 139, SOC 158, SOC 160, SOC 181, SOC 183G For the Bachelor of Arts
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Sociology 2008 (UK) : New Titles and Key Backlist
Sociology 2008 (UK)
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Sociology Majors: Before Graduation in 2012
2013 research brief from the American Sociological Association Department of Research. Presents basic findings from 2012 longitudinal study of 2,695 undergraduate seniors in sociology. Includes information such as demographics of respondents, reasons for majoring in sociology, and characteristics of respondents' academic institutions.
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Sociology News Magazine Issue 4 Vol. 1
I decided to overhaul the format of our department's Sociology News newsletter and make it into a magazine. With the help of my friend and professional graphic designer, Miriam Moore, we made the volume more visually interesting. I was inspired by C. Wright Mills' famous, "The Sociological Imagination," and so, decided to title the new magazine, Imagine to reflect the importance of connecting with why we became sociologists and the promise of sociology as a discpipline. To make the magazine more personal, I requested submissions that reflected personal beliefs and interests of students and professors. The other graduate students seemed to like this direction and the editor that came after me maintained the format and "feel" Miriam and I established.
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Sociology 2008 (US)
Sociology 2008 Catalog for North/South American Market from Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
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Sociology 2010 (UK)
Sociology 2010 Catalogue for the European, Asian, African and Australian Markets from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.
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