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Promoting Beneficial Sewage Sludge Utilization in the People's Republic of China
Over the last 15 years, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has made rapid and sustained progress in constructing and operating state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plants. However, this success has brought with it the new challenge of how to manage the ever-increasing volumes of sludge in a way that does not create secondary pollution. This report examines best international practices in sludge management, analyzes the current situation in the PRC relative to this best practice, and suggests a pathway for the PRC to modernize its approach to sludge management. In particular, it highlights the trend toward viewing sludge as a resource with opportunities for beneficial use that result in considerable environmental and energy-saving benefits
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Significant Sludge Treatment and Disposal Opportunities in China
Sewage sludge treatment and disposal is far behind the development of wastewater treatment in China. Majority of the sludge is not properly treated and caused various environmental incidences and public health and sanitation issues. From 2011 on, China's 12th five year plan (2011-2015) puts sludge treatment and proper disposal as one of the key priorities in the environmental protection industry with favorite policies and guidelines for technology and engineering providers to tackle the market. The market is expected to welcome its golden development period for the next ten years....
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Sludge Installation Manual
Second Skin Audio Sludge Installation Manual
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Power Generation from Wastewater Treatment Sludge
Power Generation from Wastewater Treatment Sludge to Reach 3,845 GWh by 2020
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Evaluation of Suitability of Selected Dredged Sand and Sludge for Engineering Application This paper investigates the possibility of using sludge as alternative to sharp sand in concrete production. Sludge was obtained from the burrow pit and dewatered on the site. The obtained samples were tested in the laboratory for moisture content, particle size distribution and silt/clay content.
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New bottom scrapers system forsettlers sludge removal
The first settlers for waste water treatment were developed in the late nineteenth century by Karl Imhoff. These were built mainly in concrete and only had the capacity to serve a few thousands habitants. Due to this the technology quickly developed with studies for greater magnitude solutions....
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krapPARK: Productive uses of wastewater sludge
krapPARK is a project that proposes a system of composting facilities to create a more energy efficient wastewater treatment process in the Boulder, Colorado area. This proposal was submitted by myself and Rachel Barth for the 2012 Drylands Competition.
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Cofiring of biomass with municipal solid waste and sludge in Brescia waste incineration plant
Presentation * Cofiring of biomass with municipal solid waste and sludge in Brescia waste incineration plant (grate, 45 MWel and 102 MWth) Antonio BONOMO - ASM BRESCIA - Italie
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Cofiring of biomass with municipal solid waste and sludge in Brescia waste incineration plant
By 31 st  august 2000, 860.000 t of waste and biomass were utilised, with a  (200 GWh/a) and heat (350 GWh/a),  i.e. a quarter of its energy needs. Great attention has been given to protection of the environment  and to net  electricity and heat generated, the emissions are lower than those produced 
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Geotextile Tubes Flyer
Geotextile Tube effectively removes waste and other pollution from your water area. This product is ideal for WWTP’s, agricultural ponds, aquaculture facilities, paper mills and any other numerous lagoons for consolidation of media.
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