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Luxury Travel Ltd's Founder Suggests a Slogan for Vietnam Tourism
With 15 years of experience in the travel industry, Pham Ha (founder and CEO of Luxury Travel Ltd) suggests a slogan inspired by what Vietnam has to offer and which sets Vietnam apart from other destinations in the region.
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What’s in a Name? Tips to pen that winning Slogan
This article explores the important part that a business’ slogan plays in terms of its promotion and recognition. A good slogan is catchy, simple, subtly humorous and immediately connectable to anyone who reads it. Also, it’s sensible to hire a good Digital Marketing Company to pen that winning slogan for you.
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Slogan T-Shirts: Cult and Culture
Table of Contents
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TRAIL NY Handout
Information on the TRAIL NY website.
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Slogan T-Shirts
Sample chapter from Slogan T-Shirts
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Slogan and Logo Exercises
My Product Development unit exercises in marketing.
Uploaded by rachelhannah18 on 11/20/2012
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Muni Fleet Week Slogan
The Agency provides free service on all of our vehicles to military personnel during Fleet Week. We wanted a slogan that reflected the City's gratitude for those who serve our country.
Uploaded by markdeanda on 10/06/2011
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Pistahan Slogan
Another partnership slogan I developed for the yearly Filipino Festival (known as Pistahan) in San Francisco.
Uploaded by markdeanda on 03/20/2010
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America's Cup Slogan
One of two slogans incorporated into America's Cup advertising
Uploaded by markdeanda on 05/08/2012
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Slogan tees about the boys - Tell us what you think
We've created some t-shirt designs inspired by the world's favourite boy band... tell us what you think please and tweet us @thecawstore with the #tag of your favourite design.
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