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We spend more time shopping than doing anything else, after sleep and work. So why is it not taken more seriously? The answer: we take shopping for granted. Indeed, culture can only work' by being taken for granted. This paradox that what is most familiar, like shopping, is also the hardest to see' analytically provides the starting point for this compelling examination of the many dimensions of the shopping experience. Shopping enables readers to realize the significance of their shopping memories and milestones, how the rhythm of the day or week revolves as much around shop opening hours as working hours or bus times, and why Mayor Giuliani was right after 9/11 to tell Americans to keep on shopping. From an exciting cultural perspective, Jenny Shaw explores how shopping is viewed, the history behind its fall from grace', its part in the common culture, its role in helping us craft new identities, hold on to old ones, adjust to change, and generally hold us together' both as individuals and communities. Students of sociology, anthropology, social psychology, media and business studies interested in culture and the everyday world will be gripped by this engaging and accessible guide to the meaning behind what the ordinary shopper actually does and why shopping remains so popular despite social and cultural changes.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780745638614

Before Max and Ruby were preschoolers, they were Baby Max and Ruby. The popular bunny siblings are back in another board books as their baby selves. In Shopping ,Baby Max is mischievous as ever while he helps Baby Ruby fill the shopping cart with good things to eat. With eye-catching novelty elements, these irresistible board books will introduce the very youngest readers to the beloved bunny pair, who star in their own show on Nick Jr. and Noggin.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9780670011681

What could be more mundane or less religious than shopping? Yet shopping asks us to choose our values and weigh the good in everyday terms. It also brings us instantly in contact with the myriad relationships and labor of people all over the world who have grown, harvested, or crafted the food, clothes, and other items with which we sustain and adorn our lives. Michelle Gonzalez, whose work on spirituality has lifted up the life practices of Latina women, explores the rich material on economic activity and relationships in the Christian tradition and the larger pertinence of our actions in an era of globalized economic interconnection. Shopping focuses on the practice of shopping and its relationship to Christian spirituality and asks: How does Christian justice and solidarity play a role in the ways in which we value and spend our money? Can shopping be a Christian act? Can it be sinful?
Category: Religion. ISBN: 9780800697273

Boy Shopping
A cool rocker chick like Kiki should have a date every night. Luckily, she's discovered Boy Shopping! Kiki is tired of being treated like one of the guys. An awesome drummer with a kickin' sense of style, the boys in her high school are always checking her out, but the only ones actually asking her out are her band's lame-o groupies. That's when she hits an online dating gold mine of boys where every click of the mouse allows you--the reader--to choose Kiki's dates. Lyman is an ber-fine classical pianist and DJ who likes playing with minds as much as music. Joshua the jock speaks Mandarin and teaches English on the side, but he's got plenty of time for playin' the game. Jacob is a Terrence Howard look-alike with an online profile that leaves a little too much to the imagination. And Michael's sexy brown looks would turn any girl's head. And most surprising of all: Mark, the bassist in Kiki's band. . .talk about tight rhythm sections! With all this attention, Kiki is having the time of her life. Does she really have to choose just one? An outrageously fun novel that lets you pick Kiki's Mr. Right. Choosing your own adventure has never been so sexy.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9780758219299

Electronic Shopping verlangt nicht nur die Abbildung eines Katalogs im Netz als neuen Vertriebskanal, sondern neue Marketing-Instrumente und -Methoden. Dieses Buch bietet die richtige Navigationshilfe. "Der Rummel, der um dieses Buch gemacht wurde, fand zu Recht statt. Die Autoren liefern eine umfassende Darstellung von E-Shopping mit vielen praktischen Beispielen. Ein Standardwerk fr den Einstieg in die digitale Welt von morgen. Komplexe Sachverhalte werden in einem hochdynamischen Umfeld zugriffssicher auf den Punkt gebracht. Dieses Buch hat das Zeug zum Klassiker." (HK Holz- und Kunststoffverarbeitung, 03/2001)
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783409115216

Shopping Enjoyment
Shopping Enjoyment bildet einen strategischen Ansatzpunkt fr den stationren Handel, um sich von Anbietern des e-Commerce abzuheben. Auf der Basis eines theoretisch-konzeptionell fundierten Untersuchungsmodells werden in diesem Buch der Einfluss geschftspolitischer Manahmen des Handels auf Shopping Enjoyment und die Effekte hinsichtlich der kunden- und unternehmensbezogenen Erfolgsgren analysiert. Im Rahmen der empirischen Untersuchung wird auerdem untersucht, unter welchen Bedingungen die Wirkungszusammenhnge zwischen Shopping Enjoyment und seinen Determinanten strker oder schwcher ausgeprgt sind.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783631650486

Mobile Shopping
Michael Gro erarbeitet vor dem Hintergrund des sich verndernden Konsum- und Kaufverhaltens mittels einer modellgesttzten, empirischen Untersuchung Hinweise, um den Mobile Commerce als (neuen) strategischen Kommunikations- und Vertriebskanal fr (Handels-)Unternehmen zu etablieren. Dazu stellt er wesentliche Akzeptanztreiber und -barrieren heraus, identifiziert spezifische Konsumententypen des Mobile Shoppings, und beschreibt Ansatzpunkte fr gezielte, akzeptanzfrdernde (Marketing-)Manahmen, die den shoppingbezogenen Einsatz von Smartphones bei Konsumenten forcieren.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783658172923

Boyfriend Shopping
Holidays mean family, friends, presentsand extra doses of drama! But for three girls, the one gift they weren't expecting may be everything they ever hoped for Shopping for My Boyfriend by Earl Sewell When Jeremy, Anna's longtime crush, asks her to be his girlfriend, it's a yuletide surprise she never saw coming. And in order to get him the perfect gift, she will have to do a total 180 from shy girl to outrageous reality-show contestant. But to discover what Jeremy truly desires for Christmas, Anna will have to get close and risk her heart. My Only Wish by Caridad Ferrer Claudia Abreu knew her family was doing more than hiding presents and heating up Cuban cider for her holiday homecoming. Just her luckher childhood friend, who has been invited as her New Year's Eve party date, is athletic and popularpretty much everything she's not. But David Levy hopes he finally has the chance to show Claudia that they really do have enough in common to make both of their dreams come truetogether. All I Want for Christmas Is You by Deidre Berry Bree Calloway's holiday is off to one very un-merry start. First, her boyfriend, Lance, is keeping secrets. Second, getting the lead in The Nutcracker means facing off with a dance-diva-from-hell. And third, the chemistry between Bree and her know-it-all ballet partner, David, is sparking way too hot. Now Bree has one chance to straighten out this tangled tinseland make her Christmas truly bright.
Category: Children's & Young Adult Fiction. ISBN: 9780373091355

Shopping Math
When you see a sign in your favorite store saying that everything is 30% off, can you do the math to figure out what that means? Are you good at keeping track of how much things costwhile remembering how much money you actually have in your wallet? What about sales tax? Do you remember to add that on to your total costs when you're deciding if you have enough money to buy a pair of jeans? Shopping Math can help you do all this and more!
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction. ISBN: 9781422289198

Shopping Around
Shopping Around investigates the issues of contemporary popular narrative, feminine pleasure, and consumer culture, viewing the permutations of the feminine subject as a textual construction evolved through everyday life. A wide spectrum of texts are examined, exposing the fact that women "read" within a complex and conflicted cultural arena characterized by a significant intertextuality that multiply defines "femininity." Shopping Around raises these issues in the context of everyday cultural practices such as applying make-up, reading magazines, watching television, and working-out, providing a unique introduction to postmodern feminist and cultural theory.
Category: Social Science. ISBN: 9780415905398
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