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AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Official Study Guide
Comprehensive, interactive exam preparation and so much more The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Official Study Guide: Associate Exam is a comprehensive exam preparation resource. This book bridges the gap between exam preparation and real-world readiness, covering exam objectives while guiding you through hands-on exercises based on situations you'll likely encounter as an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator. From deployment, management, and operations to migration, data flow, cost control, and beyond, this guide will help you internalize the processes and best practices associated with AWS. The Sybex interactive online study environment gives you access to invaluable preparation aids, including an assessment test that helps you focus your study on areas most in need of review, and chapter tests to help you gauge your mastery of the material. Electronic flashcards make it easy to study anytime, anywhere, and a bonus practice exam gives you a sneak preview so you know what to expect on exam day. Cloud computing offers businesses a cost-effective, instantly scalable IT infrastructure. The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate credential shows that you have technical expertise in deployment, management, and operations on AWS. Study exam objectives Gain practical experience with hands-on exercises Apply your skills to real-world scenarios Test your understanding with challenging review questions Earning your AWS Certification is much more than just passing an exam—you must be able to perform the duties expected of an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator in a real-world setting. This book does more than coach you through the test: it trains you in the tools, procedures, and thought processes to get the job done well. If you're serious about validating your expertise and working at a higher level, the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Official Study Guide: Associate Exam is the resource you've been seeking.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 09/20/2017
Book details: 552 pages.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide
The official study guide for the AWS certification specialty exam The AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide – Specialty Exam helps to ensure your preparation for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty Exam. Expert review of AWS fundamentals align with the exam objectives, and detailed explanations of key exam topics merge with real-world scenarios to help you build the robust knowledge base you need to succeed on the exam—and in the field as an AWS Certified Networking specialist. Coverage includes the design, implementation, and deployment of cloud-based solutions; core AWS services implementation and knowledge of architectural best practices; AWS service architecture design and maintenance; networking automation; and more. You also get one year of free access to Sybex’s online interactive learning environment and study tools, which features flashcards, a glossary, chapter tests, practice exams, and a test bank to help you track your progress and gauge your readiness as exam day grows near. The AWS credential validates your skills surrounding AWS and hybrid IT network architectures at scale. The exam assumes existing competency with advanced networking tasks, and assesses your ability to apply deep technical knowledge to the design and implementation of AWS services. This book provides comprehensive review and extensive opportunities for practice, so you can polish your skills and approach exam day with confidence. Study key exam essentials with expert insight Understand how AWS skills translate to real-world solutions Test your knowledge with challenging review questions Access online study tools, chapter tests, practice exams, and more Technical expertise in cloud computing, using AWS, is in high demand, and the AWS certification shows employers that you have the knowledge and skills needed to deliver practical, forward-looking cloud-based solutions. The AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide – Specialty Exam helps you learn what you need to take this next big step for your career.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 02/13/2018
Book details: 576 pages.

What's Wrong with Sociology?
Since the 1950s sociology has experienced a decline in prestige when compared with the other social sciences. In some highly publicized cases some universities have retrenched their sociology departments, others are contemplating either retrenchment or downsizing of their departments. Although there are some practitioners of the discipline who believe that it has never been in better shape, many sociologists have come to believe that there are very serious problems both in the cognitive and social organization of the discipline. This book contains sixteen essays by sociologists who believe that their discipline faces very serious problems which must be overcome if the discipline is to survive and prosper. The contributors were selected to represent diverse views and thus there is substantial disagreement among them over what the problems are that sociology faces and how they may be remedied. In this highly provocative book readers is likely to find some essays they agree with and others they disagree with; but all the essays present important problems faced by the discipline which must be addressed.Although the authors of the sixteen essays do not agree on what is wrong with the discipline, there are some themes which appear frequently. In his introduction Cole summarizes and comments on these themes. His introduction centers on the question of whether sociology is entirely socially constructed. Is what we believe to be true about society constrained by empirical evidence or is it a result of our ideology, power, authority, and other social processes? One theme which appears in many of the essays is that sociology has become too ideological and as a result has lost credibility among university administrators, politicians and the general public. Many of the essays also stress the view that there are very low levels of consensus in sociology and that it is hard to see evidence of progress. Others criticize the discipline for not dealing with the really important social issues and see much of the work published as being parochial and trivial. Questions are also raised about why the use of causal models has failed to generate solutions to most of the problems the discipline addresses. Some authors believe that the discipline adheres to an overly rational model of human behavior and has failed to keep up with some of the advances introduced by post-modernist theories.This highly readable set of essays should be of interest to all those are concerned about the current state of sociology. They will also be useful in introducing graduate students to some of the most important issues currently being debated in the field.Stephen Cole is currently professor of sociology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and professor of sociology at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is the author of Making Science: Between Nature and Society, and with Jonathan R. Cole, Social Stratification in Science.
Author: Stephen Cole
Published by Routledge on 04/17/2018
Book details: 372 pages.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide
Validate your AWS skills. This is your opportunity to take the next step in your career by expanding and validating your skills on the AWS cloud. AWS has been the frontrunner in cloud computing products and services, and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide for the Associate exam will get you fully prepared through expert content, and real-world knowledge, key exam essentials, chapter review questions, access to Sybex’s interactive online learning environment, and much more. This official study guide, written by AWS experts, covers exam concepts, and provides key review on exam topics, including: Mapping Multi-Tier Architectures to AWS Services, such as web/app servers, firewalls, caches and load balancers Understanding managed RDBMS through AWS RDS (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, Aurora) Understanding Loose Coupling and Stateless Systems Comparing Different Consistency Models in AWS Services Understanding how AWS CloudFront can make your application more cost efficient, faster and secure Implementing Route tables, Access Control Lists, Firewalls, NAT, and DNS Applying AWS Security Features along with traditional Information and Application Security Using Compute, Networking, Storage, and Database AWS services Architecting Large Scale Distributed Systems Understanding of Elasticity and Scalability Concepts Understanding of Network Technologies Relating to AWS Deploying and Managing Services with tools such as CloudFormation, OpsWorks and Elastic Beanstalk. Learn from the AWS subject-matter experts, review with proven study tools, and apply real-world scenarios. If you are looking to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam, this guide is what you need for comprehensive content and robust study tools that will help you gain the edge on exam day and throughout your career.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 09/28/2016
Book details: 504 pages.

Amazon Web Services for Mobile Developers
A practical, real-world introduction to AWS tools and concepts Amazon Web Services for Mobile Developers: Building Apps with AWS presents a professional view of cloud computing and AWS for experienced iOS/Android developers and technical/solution architects. Cloud computing is a rapidly expanding ecosystem, and working professionals need a practical resource to bring them up-to-date on tools that are rapidly becoming indispensable; this book helps expand your skill set by introducing you to AWS offerings that can make your job easier, with a focus on real-world application. Author and mobile applications developer Abhishek Mishra shows you how to create IAM accounts and try out some of the most popular services, including EC2, Lambda, Mobile Analytics, Device Farm, and more. You'll build a chat application in both Swift (iOS) and Java (Andoid), running completely off AWS Infrastructure to explore SDK installation, Xcode, Cognito authentication, DynamoDB, Amazon SNA Notifications, and other useful tools. By actually using the tools as you learn about them, you develop a more intuitive understanding that feels less like a shift and more like a streamlined integration. If you have prior experience with Swift or Java and a solid knowledge of web services, this book can help you quickly take your skills to the next level with a practical approach to learning that translates easily into real-world use. Understand the key concepts of AWS as applied to both iOS and Android developers Explore major AWS offerings for mobile developers, including DynamoDB, RDS, EC2, SNS, Cognito, and more Learn what people are talking about when they use buzzwords like PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, and APaaS Work through explanations by building apps that tie into the AWS ecosystem Any job is easier with the right tools, and Amazon Web Services for Mobile Developers: Building Apps with AWS gets you acquainted with an ever-expanding toolkit for mobile app development.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 10/17/2017
Book details: 792 pages.

AWS Certified Developer - Associate Guide
An effective guide to becoming an AWS Certified Developer About This Book This fast-paced guide will help you clear the exam with confidence Learn to design, develop, and deploy cloud-based solutions using AWS Enhance your AWS skills with practice questions and mock tests Who This Book Is For This book is for IT professionals and developers looking to clear the AWS Certified Developer – Associate 2017 exam. Developers looking to develop and manage their applications on the AWS platform will also find this book useful. No prior AWS experience is needed. What You Will Learn Create and manage users, groups, and permissions using AWS Identity and Access Management services Create a secured Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with Public and Private Subnets, Network Access Control, and Security groups Get started with Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), launching your first EC2 instance, and working with it Handle application traffic with Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and monitor AWS resources with CloudWatch Work with AWS storage services such as Simple Storage Service (S3), Glacier, and CloudFront Get acquainted with AWS DynamoDB – a NoSQL database service Coordinate work across distributed application components using Simple Workflow Service (SWF) In Detail AWS Certified Developer - Associate Guide starts with a quick introduction to AWS and the prerequisites to get you started. Then, this book gives you a fair understanding of core AWS services and basic architecture. Next, this book will describe about getting familiar with Identity and Access Management (IAM) along with Virtual private cloud (VPC). Moving ahead you will learn about Elastic Compute cloud (EC2) and handling application traffic with Elastic Load Balancing (ELB). Going ahead you we will talk about Monitoring with CloudWatch, Simple storage service (S3) and Glacier and CloudFront along with other AWS storage options. Next we will take you through AWS DynamoDB – A NoSQL Database Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) and CloudFormation Overview. Finally, this book covers understanding Elastic Beanstalk and overview of AWS lambda. At the end of this book, we will cover enough topics, tips and tricks along with mock tests for you to be able to pass the AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam and develop as well as manage your applications on the AWS platform. Style and approach This step-by-step guide includes exercises and mock tests to clear the AWS certification exam and become a successful AWS developer.
Published by Packt Publishing Ltd on 09/27/2017
Book details: 604 pages.

LPIC-1 Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide
Thorough LPIC-1 exam prep, with complete coverage and bonusstudy tools LPIC-1Study Guide is your comprehensive source for thepopular Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 1 exam,fully updated to reflect the changes to the latest version of theexam. With 100% coverage of objectives for both LPI 101 and LPI102, this book provides clear and concise information on all Linuxadministration topics and practical examples drawn from real-worldexperience. Authoritative coverage of key exam topics includes GNUand UNIX commands, devices, file systems, file system hierarchy,user interfaces, and much more, providing complete exam prep forthe LPIC-1 candidate. Get access to invaluable study tools,including bonus practice exams, electronic flashcards, and asearchable PDF of key terms featured on the exam. Linux is viewed by many companies and organizations as anexcellent, low-cost, secure alternative to expensive operatingsystems, such as Microsoft Windows. The LPIC-1 tests a candidate'sunderstanding and familiarity with the Linux Kernel. This bookprovides comprehensive preparation and review, helping readers facethe exam with confidence. Review the system architecture, Linux installation, and packagemanagement Understand shells, scripting, and data management morecompletely Practice administrative tasks and essential systemservices Brush up on networking fundamentals and security issues As the Linux server market share continue to grow, so too doesthe demand for qualified and certified Linux administrators.Certification holders must recertify every five years, but LPIrecommends recertifying every two years to stay fully up to datewith new technologies and best practices. As exam day approaches,LPIC-1Study Guide is the one source you will want by yourside.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 04/16/2015
Book details: 696 pages.

Cloud Migration
This book is designed for managers and entrepreneurs, who are considering improving the economics and flexibility of their IT solutions and infrastructures. The book is also for readers who wish to learn more about the Cloud, but do not want to become specialists.This book discusses the technical, legal, fiscal, economic, organisational and environmental aspects of Cloud services. If you are looking for practical advice on vendor selection and certification, as well as real world Cloud project case studies, this is the book to consult.It is the result of a highly cooperative project conducted by six master editors, and 50 authors from 11 countries. The people involved were lawyers, tax consultants, engineers, economists, IT consultants, and a number of others responsible for reviews and quality assurance. The Master Editors were: AKENINE Daniel, ASMA Jorg, GERED Arpad, PAULY Michael, TRAVNICEK Reinhard."This book helped me in a very short time to gain an overview of the opportunities and risks of cloud computing, and to clarify some important questions up front."Stefan Wagenhofer (CEO, Gas Connect Austria)TECHNOLOGYOperational ModelsService modelsPreconditionsSECURITYRisk managementForensicsSecure AccessLAWData ProtectionComplianceContractual recommendationsCONTROLAccounting DutiesTaxVAT questionsPROCESSESPlanningMigrationAuditingBUSINESSCloud StrategyBusiness ModelsImpactPRACTICAL PARTCloud CertificationElements of the ContractCase StudiesThe Author: Dr. Tobias Hollwarth is an economist with more than 20 years of experience as an enterprise consultant, specialising in IT projects.In this role he supp
Published by MITP-Verlags GmbH & Co. KG on 02/17/2019
Book details: 242 pages.

CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor Study Guide
Demand for qualified and certified information systems (IS) auditors has increased dramatically since the adoption of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act in 2002. Now you can prepare for CISA certification, the one certification designed specifically for IS auditors, and improve your job skills with this valuable book. Not only will you get the valuable preparation you need for the CISA exam, you?ll also find practical information to prepare you for the real world. This invaluable guide contains: Authoritative coverage of all CISA exam objectives, including: The IS Audit Process. IT Governance. Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management. IT Service Delivery and Support. Protection of Information Assets. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Practical information that will prepare you for the real world such as: Secrets of successful auditing. Government regulations at a glance. Incident handling checklist. Scenarios providing insight into professional audit systems and controls. Additional exam and career preparation tools such as: Challenging chapter review questions. A glossary of terms. Tips on preparing for exam day. Information on related certifications. A free CD–ROM with: Advanced testing software with challenging chapter review questions plus bonus practice exams so you can test your knowledge. Flashcards that run on your PC, Pocket PC, or Palm handheld. The entire book in searchable and printable PDF.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 05/08/2006
Book details: 434 pages.
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