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Cholera- and Anthrax-Like Toxins
Computer tools helped us uncover and understand potent protein toxins that empower bacterial pathogens against plants, animals and man. These toxins are potential drug targets and researchers can use them to make vaccines. New toxin knowledge aids the long-term goal of finding alternatives to antibiotics, to which pathogens are becoming more resistant. The toxins share similar structure despite low sequence identity, so our search links sequence and structure features. We present a ranked list and computational characterization of six new toxins combined with cell-based tests.
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Intro to Bioinformatics
Description and Introduction to Bioinformatics area...
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Typepographic Workbook
The typographic workbook demonstrates the key rules of typography. These rules included: x-height, hyphenation, line breaks, alignment, justification, combining typefaces, quotes, apostrophes, dashes, bullets and numerals.
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SOLO Taxonomy: Constructive Alignment
Using SOLO Taxonomy to write learning intentions.
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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: The Official Guide
Official Guide
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Supply Chain Information Alignment in the Consumer Goods and Retail Industry: Global Standards...
The Global Commerce Initiative (GCI) established the Global Upstream Supply Initiative (GUSI) in order to provide a standard framework for consumer goods manufacturers and their suppliers of ingredients, raw materials and packaging to better integrate across a number of supply chain processes. Without Internal Data Alignment, for example, Global Data Synchronization (GDS) will definitely not improve business performance and will, in fact, magnify the negative impact of poor quality data. What’s more, collaborative initiatives such as those included in Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) will not be economically deployable on a wide scale without the consistently accurate and available information that will result from an Internal Data Alignment program. GDS is based on a global network of data pools, or electronic catalogues, which are all inter-operable and compliant with the same business requirements and...
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Preview of the Revised Montessori Foundation Curriculum Scope and Sequence
The Montessori Foundation has recently completed a major revision and expansion of our Montessori Curriculum Scope and Sequence for infants through age 12. This is a preview of the hard copy. The actual scope and sequence is written to be used with one of the excellent Montessori student progress recording and reporting software solutions, such as MontessoriCompass. We will shortly have it available aligned to the National Common Core Curriculum. Custom alignments to state/provincial curricula can be arranged at a reasonable cost. Contact us for more information at [email protected] or call the Foundation at 1-941-729-9565.
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The work focuses on ways how one can analyze a protein sequence information. The work was presented as a report in University of Dhaka.
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Learning Machine Translation
Kind of text book that introduced Statistical Machine Translation And Grammar Based Translation
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This issue is focused on endurance technology, with articles on: Audi R15 TDI V10 engine in detail; new LMP2 engines; endurance racing technology; organisation of the 24 hours Nürburgring; interview with Jörg Lindner, Nürburgring Automotive; the P4/5 Competizione; team profile: Farnbacher Racing (Ferrari F458 Italia GT2 and GT3); series: wheel suspension and alignment; new series: testing technology – part 1, history of dynamometers and lots of new cars and products for the racing industry.
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