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Donor Conflict Sensitivity policy brief
This paper lays out the case for a renewed focus on conflict sensitivity by donor agencies. It presents recommendations for how donors can integrate conflict sensitivity into their own systems and processes, as well as how they can promote conflict sensitivity in their implementing partners. The paper is intended to inform and influence policy makers and practitioners across a range of donor agencies. The recommendations have relevance across humanitarian, development and peacebuilding activities. It has been developed by the Department for International Development (DFID) funded Conflict Sensitivity Consortium (CSC), and draws upon experience and lessons learned during implementation of the Consortium project.
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Certainty in an uncertain world - a clinicians ' viewpoint of sensitivity and precision
A paper written to discuss sensitivity and precision and their effects on clinical interpretation of biochemical data
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Fresh Kills Park Historical Landfill and Archeological Sensitivity Analysis, 2008
Working with Field Operations and Arup, AKRF Environmental Planners worked with the New York City Department of City Planning and the Department of Parks & Recreation to transform a 2,200 acre landfill into what will be New York City’s largest urban park. Historians at AKRF teamed up with the Geographic Information Systems Team to identify potential Areas of Historical Sensitivity that would be affected by the construction of Fresh Kills Park. Using 2 dimensional historic maps, and converting them to 3 dimensional data, they pinpointed historic site locations and calculated disturbance from subsequent landscape changes. This was done by registering historical topographic maps with current Digital Elevation Models to estimate soil level changes affecting historic buildings buried under Fresh Kills landfill. Created by Eymund Diegel, using Microstation and ArcGIS 3d Analyst.
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Effects of aerobic exercise on anxiety sensitivity
Effects of aerobic exercise on anxiety sensitivity
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Is Your Penis Sensitivity Up to Par
Have you ever wondered what was considered as a normal threshold for penis sensitivity and how this is determined. Find out how your penis rates in fine-touch tests and how to increase penis sensitivity..
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Sound Sensitivity in Multiple Sclerosis.
Sound Sensitivity in Multiple Sclerosis. This book is for test and under construction and not for downloading or distribution. Thank you for the co-preration. Your valuable comments will be appreciated much. Thank you in anticipation for helping us. Courtsy : yellow-canvas 4 MS
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Westernport areas of cultural sensitivity map
Westernport , Victoria, Australia, areas of cultural sensitivity map
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ES ARC Ultimate Sensitivity
Presentation on ARC application are for high sensitivity
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Environmental Sensitivity
GIS overlays to develop maps to demonstrate environmental sensitive sites. The finish product was used to select sited to expand Green Infrastructure and Ecological Conservation Easements, and then to select parcel suitable for developments.
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how to increase penis sensitivity
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