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A Colour Handbook of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat UK Version, Second Edition
Following the success and critical acclaim for the first edition, the second edition of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat preserves the strengths of the book: Problem-oriented approach; the book is arranged in twelve chapters covering dermatoses classified by their principle presenting sign Concise systematically structured text; definition, aetiology and pathogenesis, clinical features, differential diagnoses, diagnostic tests, management Focus is on clinical practice and the need to explain the disease to the owner Superb and generously sized colour photographs and diagrams Clear user-friendly design - one condition per page or spread of pages Referenced throughout to give the clinician access to the literature Within the framework and in light of the exponential growth of information in small animal dermatology since first publication, the authors have revised the entire text for the new second edition, added 21 new sections and 131 new colour photos. The result is a handbook that is practical, extensive and up-to-date in its content, beautifully illustrated and designed. The new second edition is of value to veterinary practitioners and students, veterinary nurses, and technicians.
Published by CRC Press on 03/27/2009
Book details: 336 pages.

The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs
We are an animal-loving population, with consumers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom spending top dollar on their pets. This trend indicates that pet owners want the best for their dogs and cats. Scientific research shows that home-cooked meals are better for your pets -- especially dogs and cats -- than store-brand food. Feeding pets all-natural homemade food and treats not only provides nutritional and health benefits, but allows pet owners to meet their pet's taste preferences and special needs, and gives them the opportunity to nurture their dog or cat as they would any other member of the family. The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs is full of information on nutrition for your pet and dozens of stories and recipes from real animal lovers and pet owners that give an intimate, personal voice to the book.
Book details: 336 pages.

The Good Life
This comprehensive, month-by-month guide to raising a happy, healthy puppy is presented by America's most celebrated dog-expert team: TV's "Uncle Matty" Margolis and pet columnist Mordecai Siegal. 52 photos.
Published by Simon and Schuster on 08/18/2019
Book details: 252 pages.

The Complete Guide to Siberian Huskies
Siberian Huskies are a popular breed, but they come with challenges. These stubborn, strong willed, and curious dogs are not for a first time dog owner, but they can be loving and loyal companions for anyone willing to put in the work. From their sled dog history to their role today as beloved pets, Huskies can be an ideal dog. This book will give you all the tips and tricks to raise a Husky, from finding a breeder or rescue to picking a vet and potty training. This advice will give you the best footing to form a lasting bond with your Husky and give him a healthy and happy life. This book will give you a step-by-step guide to everything you ever wanted to know about Huskies. Find answers to questions like: Is a Siberian Husky the right dog for me? Should I buy from a breeder or rescue? I brought my Husky home. What now? How can I best train my Husky? What are some common mistakes should I avoid? At the same time, you’ll read plenty of reasons why you should choose a Siberian Husky as your next pet. Chapters include all the basics such as: Husky History Choosing a Husky Preparing your Home for your Husky Bringing Home your Husky Being a Puppy Parent Housetraining Socializing with People and Animals Huskies and Your Other Pets Physical and Mental Exercise Training your Husky Basic Commands Dealing With Unwanted Behaviors Traveling with Huskies Nutrition Grooming your Husky Basic Health Care Health and Aging Dog Care This guide covers all the major aspects of your dog’s life, from puppies to senior dogs, and can be a useful reference to you through every stage. With our tips and tricks, plus some affection and treats, you’re sure to form a lasting bond with your Siberian Husky. This guide is a must-read if you’re even just considering adding a Husky to your family. Once you bring your dog home, you’ll be glad you spent time preparing for the arrival of your pup. After all, this is a special breed that deserves the very best!
Published by LP Media Inc on 05/02/2019
Book details: 123 pages.

Tova is the name for a girl in Hebrew, which means good. The book is written in memory of my German shorthaired pointer. I wish to honor her breed. She was loving, obedient, most of the time, exceptionally friendly, a great bird dog and a wonderful companion. The book illustrates nine and a half years of exceptional devotion to the dog and unconditional love returned to the owners. Tragically, her life was cut short by the existence of a disease that most veterinarians dont recognize because they are not taught about it. Nor are they exposed to it, at least not here in New England. This book is vital to all pet owners and a wake up call to veterinarians. This book is also uniquely original, since, Tova and Joe both have dialogue in it.
Author: Joe Smiga
Published by Xlibris Corporation on 04/14/2010
Book details: 95 pages.

The Dog Diet Answer Book
Includes tips for pet owners to diagnose common dog health problems and adjust diets accordingly. Contains home remedies for common ailments and recipes for homecooked meals and treats.
Published by Fair Winds Press (MA) on 05/01/2016
Book details: 192 pages.

The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook
The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook is a superb, reassuring, and comprehensive work. "Dr. Spock for dogs."—Elle magazine wrote of its first edition, originally published as The Hound Health Handbook, and now completely revised and updated. Today's dog owners are more attuned to their pets' health and well-being than ever before. And with good reason: Americans spend upward of $10 billion annually on their canine companions. The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook is the one essential and truly readable book for these devoted dog owners. Surpassingly clear and complete, with more than 100 illustrations and diagrams, it covers everything from choosing the best dog to puppy care, nutrition, vaccines, behavior, first aid, and senior care, plus thorough discussions of more than 100 canine illnesses. Reflecting the latest advances in veterinary medicine, this edition offers up-to-the-minute advice on "design dog" breeds, pet food safety, homemade diets, changing vaccine protocols, new medications for allergies, car sickness, obesity, and heart disease, developments in surgery and cancer treatment, pet insurance, and more. With The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook, the vet is always in.
Published by Workman Publishing on 04/16/2009
Book details: 496 pages.

Dog Food Logic
Choosing the right dog food in a world with too many choices
Walking down the dog food aisle in a pet supply superstore can present you with an overwhelming number of choices. Reading about dog food on the internet can make your head spin with so many opinions and stories. And judging the content that you find on dog food packaging can be confusing and misleading. How can the average dog owner make an informed choice in accordance with her dog’s age, size and condition? In her latest book, author Linda Case describes how to make logical, evidence-based decisions for what to feed your dog amid all the options available.

You will learn
• How pet food marketers appeal to your emotions to persuade you to buy a particular type of dog food.
• To distinguish between scientific, evidence-based information and the anecdotal evidence which is so pervasive—and often misleading—in the dog food arena.
• Is there a scientific basis for dog foods designed specifically for puppies, senior dogs, canine athletes—even various breeds of dogs?
• How to read and evaluate all of the material included on a typical package of dog food from the ingredients and label claims (“Natural,” “Anti-Oxidant,” “Low Fat”),to the Nutrient Analysis and Nutritional Adequacy statements.
• How to avoid choice paralysis and the cognitive traps that can interfere with clear decision making.

What experts are saying about Dog Food Logic
Pet food is like a religion for many—but now those strong emotional ties can be backed up with fact. Linda Case separates fact from fiction, explains the complex terms and offers a guide to pet nutrition in simple to comprehend language. Unlike other books on this topic, there is no agenda here—except to present facts and then allow pet owners to make their own logical conclusions, letting the kibble drop where it may.
Steve Dale, CABC, columnist Tribune Content Agency; radio host Black Dog Radio Productions and WGN Radio (Chicago); contributing editor USA Weekend; special correspondent Cat Fancy; author Good Cat!

Dog Food Logic is the indispensable guide to the science behind canine nutrition that will help us to make wise, well-informed choices about how and what we feed our dogs. It takes the fear out of trying to understand proper nutrition and will empower us to determine what is best for the health of our dogs.
Claudia Kawczynska, Founder and Editor-in-chief of The Bark

Don’t read this book if you want someone to tell you what to feed your dog. This is a book for people who want to learn, in a reasoned and thoughtful way, how to figure it out for themselves. Dog Food Logic goes way beyond the usual textbook list of nutritional requirements to cover the pet food industry in all its glory: the history, the business, the marketing, and best of all, the science. Case deftly navigates the most controversial topics in pet food and presents the big picture without interjecting judgment about what approach is best. There’s something here for everyone: pet care professionals and dog lovers alike will learn something new from this informative, easy to read, and well researched book.
Jessica Vogelsang, DVM, CVJ, author, speaker, and CEO of Pawcurious Media

Published by Dogwise Publishing on 02/12/2014
Book details: 248 pages.

The Healthy Homemade Pet Food Cookbook
Offers seventy-five healthy recipes that nutritionally enhance pets' diets, and provides information on switching dogs and cats to a homemade diet and tailoring diets to pets' specific needs.
Published by Fair Winds Press (MA) on 10/01/2013
Book details: 176 pages.

Wagging Tales
Author: Tim Link
Published by Greenleaf Book Group on 08/18/2019
Book details: 176 pages.
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