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Becoming a "Sense-and-Respond" Academic and Government Organisation
The Information Resources Management College is the largest of four colleges of National Defence University, the pre-eminent U.S. graduate-level institution responsible for educating military and civilian senior leaders across government for national security. The college, dedicated to developing information leaders who can leverage information and information technology for strategic advantage, is rapidly becoming an adaptive enterprise. The college is transforming into a "sense-and-respond" organisation (Haeckel, 1999), that is increasingly netcentric and agile, an essential quality for survival in a dynamic Information Age environment. By engaging more directly with stakeholders, the college is sensing the learning needs of government organisations. In response it is re-designing current, and designing new, educational programs, re-framing its courses into professional development seminars, and designing tailored educational services to meet the learning needs of government...
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Bridging Operational, Strategic and Project Management Information Systems for Tactical...
Abstract: Tactical Management is a distinctive managerial function that needs to be delineated both in the managerial and information systems sense. This research of literature investigates current types of managerial information systems in order to evalu ate the various manners tactical management is addressed. Ongoing research supports us to pursue a goal of properly defining Tactical Management, its characteristics and distinctiveness from the Operational, Strategic and Project Management; but also its connection points and overlapping collaboration areas with these managerial functions. This ought to provide proper basis for recognizing the information system requirements for tactical management and shed light on what should and can be done differently , in order to align the tactical management business profile and needs with the information provisioned by managerial information systems. Given that Tactical Management needs adaptability to changing context (organizational and...
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Great Expectations
Is the IT organisation is the expense or a business enabler? CEO'S view on the role of CIO.
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Innovation Matters
ctof 7th may 2010 issue
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CTO Forum May 7th, 2011
May 7th, 2011 print issue
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The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future: Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study
The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future: Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study
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Industry 2.0 August 2010
Next Generation Supply Chains
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Customer Service
Reinventing the Customer Service Experience to Capture Loyalty
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Bibliography for Miracles and Nasty Surprises
current draft of bibliography
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Recipes for Systemic Change
Recipes for Systemic Change
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