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Garden of Bliss, by Debra Moffitt
The Secret Garden: A Gateway to Reviving the Spirit and Finding Bliss Journey to your secret garden, a protected place of spirit and imagination where you can connect with your emotions, trust your insights, and rediscover peace. Garden of Bliss begins on the French Riviera, where Debra Moffitt, despite her glamorous lifestyle, feels empty. Realizing that financial success doesn’t equal happiness, she looks inside herself and decides to make some changes. Join Moffitt on a transformative path, where she invites you to nurture this metaphorical secret garden in order to discover a blissful life. Find personal growth both inside and out as you connect with the Divine Feminine through nature. If you choose to explore your garden of bliss, a world of adventure opens within this sacred inner place of wisdom.
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Self Discovery
This text contains 7 authored lessons on self-discovery. They are all based on the bible
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Self Discovery
Zine photographically documenting self discovery
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The Man Before the Mahatma
The Man before the Mahatma is the first biography of Gandhi’s life in the law. It follows Gandhi on his journey of self-discovery during his law studies in Britain, his law practice in India and his enormous success representing wealthy Indian merchants in South Africa, where relentless attacks on Indian rights by the white colonial authorities cause him to give up his lucrative representation of private clients for public work—the representation of the besieged Indian community in South Africa.
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The Path of a Christian Witch
Is it possible to be a Christian Witch? At a time when the merging of spiritual systems can be controversial and challenging, this inspiring book offers guidance and insight into blending faiths in today's world. Raised in the Catholic faith, Adelina St. Clair spent many years questioning and soul-searching before she found a way to merge aspects of Wicca and Christianity into a vibrant, loving belief system. Filled with personal anecdotes, this book tells the story of St. Clair's journey of self-discovery and revelation, illuminating the fusion of spiritual beliefs in a way that no formal text ever could. A unique mix of memoir and how-to, this book addresses major contradictions in belief, such as monotheism, Goddess worship, magic, and the teachings of Christ. Through real-life examples and daily rituals, it shows how one woman incorporated her Christian identity into a Wiccan practice.
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A year's quest of self-discovery first in Italy, then in India and finally in Indonesia
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Voyage Magazine
A fashion and travel publication for those that wish to escape the everyday.
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Psychic Empowerment for Everyone
Surging within us all is a limitless wellspring of natural psychic power. You can tap into this incredibly rich resource and begin living a more meaningful and fulfilling life—starting right now. Psychic Empowerment for Everyone links scientific study of psychic phenomena with practical applications, helping you to develop your innate psychic ability and turn it into reliable skills. Unleash your psychic potential as you engage in consciousness-expanding meditation, progress through a seven-day empowerment plan, and employ laboratory-proven techniques in dream work, self-hypnosis, aura viewing, and other exciting areas so that you can: Communicate with your spirit guides • Explore the nature of consciousness • Navigate psychic planes • Achieve your goals • Enrich your relationships • Experience health and wellness • Understand precognitive dreams • Uncover past-life experiences • Prepare for 2012 and beyond
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Divided but Unified
Culminating Task - The Writer's Portfolio
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OFC 2012 Winter & Spring Programs
2012 Winter/Spring Catalog of programs and events at Oldenburg Franciscan Center.
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