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Self Discovery
Raphael has cancer. What could this mean for the other turtles? The first chapters of this fic are currently under revision.
Published on 04/27/2016
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The Self-discovery Of Russia
Book Source: Digital Library of India Item 2015.24882 Simpson, J. Y. 2015-06-24T20:25:49Z 2015-06-24T20:25:49Z 2007-07-13 1916 dc.identifier.barcode: 4990010204780 dc.identifier.origpath: /data2/upload/0058/932 dc.identifier.copyno: 1 dc.identifier.uri: dc.description.scanningcentre: C-DAK, Kolkata dc.description.main: 1 dc.description.tagged: 0 dc.description.totalpages: 270 dc.format.mimetype: application/pdf dc.language.iso: English dc.publisher.digitalrepublisher: Digital Library Of India dc.publisher: Constable And Company, London dc.rights: In Public Domain dc.source.library: The Asiatic Society, Kolkata dc.subject.classification: Language. Linguistics. Literature dc.subject.classification: Literature dc.subject.classification: Prose Narrative dc.subject.keywords: Russia - Constantinople dc.title: The Self-discovery Of Russia
Published on 01/19/2017
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ERIC ED521532: Self Assessment and Discovery Learning
Discovery learning in higher education has been reported to be effective in assisting learners to understand difficult concepts and retain long term information. This paper seeks to illustrate how one self assessment model may be used to demonstrate discovery learning in a collaborative atmosphere of students sharing and getting to know each other. Three research questions were posed to drive the research. A researcher designed instrument was used as the pre activity instrument with which the students worked in collaboration with presentations and break our group activities supported by trained proctors. Results indicated that participants experienced the discovery process through the medium of the designed model. They reported learning to work in a collaborative atmosphere where they appreciated and respected each other. This researcher hopes to stimulate readers to experiment with different models for demonstrating discovery learning. "Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation Activity" is appended. A bibliography is included. (Contains 13 tables.)
Published on 02/03/2016
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The self-discovery of Russia
Published on 12/06/2007
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The journey of self-discovery
Published on 08/17/2009
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The self-discovery of Russia
Published on 11/12/2009
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ERIC ED402061: Self-Discovery and Professional Development.
This paper explores the role of self discovery in the early stages of caregiver professional development, with a focus on the array of choices available to university students. The assumption is that many people do not know their repertoire of skills until asked to complete a project requiring those skills; thus, "the heart of becoming a professional involves gestation of self-development as an adult." It is necessary that students be given a wide variety and levels of information so they can recognize where their own inner linkages seem to connect with various professions. Until students identify their professional choices, they are not comfortable or confident in planning their academic programs. Students should continue the search for professional development because it: (1) promotes exploration; (2) stimulates creativity; (3) promote self-awareness; (4) energizes activity; (5) increases self-testing; (6) creates open-mindedness; (7) affects positive mental health; (8) sharpens decision-making; and (9) increases self-respect and self-confidence. Professional development can begin at any age and should begin when the individual senses that it is the right time. (KDFB)
Published on 12/18/2015
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The self-discovery of Russia
Published on 12/13/2007
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Art; search and self-discovery
Published on 01/11/2010
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The Journey Of Self Discovery
Dharma books, Hinduism literature, Hinduism books, Philosphy books, 'The Journey of Self Discovery.pdf'
Published on 06/23/2018
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