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100 places from Secondlife
100 places we discovered when we founded SL Guided Tours in early 2007
Uploaded by wolwaner on 11/29/2011
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The Second-life Museum of Creative Reuse is introducing a new system for saving the earth’s resources. People take their disposed objects to the bins or dumpsters in their community. We dispatch vans to those spots,pick up the objects and send them to the warehouse. Visitors come to our museum gallery to get inspired, pick up materials from the warehouse and make their own products in our workshop. This is way of recycling things by human.
Uploaded by chelsealiu on 05/17/2012
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Keys Under Palmtrees
Top: Tropic Storm Crop Green ( ) Skirt Attachment: Paperbag. Double Slit Noir( )Wedges: .: vive nine :. Cameron Sandals in Grey( )Necklace: [F]oil- Candy Dip Link Necklace- WhiteNails: Posh Nails- Gold Metallic Kisses Nails( )Earrings: [7891.] Volup - Gold( )Head Wrap: [F]oil- Afro Summer Head Wrap- 10
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Institutions and Organizations in SL
List of instutions and organizations in Second Life
Uploaded by trunimrod on 02/02/2011
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Wheelies Story
Wheelies is the world’s first disability themed virtual nightclub based in Secondlife. I, Simon Stevens, or Simon Walsh in Secondlife, founded this club in 2006 and this is the story of club over the club’s first 4 years between 2006 and 2010. Secondlife is a virtual world with over 15 million users which every activity that exists in the real world, bring social networking to the next generation,
Uploaded by simonstevens74 on 05/26/2011
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2Lei III edition
2Lei in SecondLife International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women from 19th to 25th November SecondLife
Uploaded by alizacameli on 11/12/2012
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NOR Wildwind ACJ45 series
NOR FOR THE SLAC WORLDSERIES IN SECONDLIFE.COM this is guide for the SLAC World Series A non Profit Regatta to raise awareness for disabled Saiors and youth to broaden there knowelge and perhaps get them involved with Sailing by supporting Rl foundations and schools . Threw Secondlife sailing And using the Americas cup world series as a spot light ,.
Uploaded by johnmangino5 on 07/27/2011
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The Niven Collection~L U X E~A/W 2010
The Niven Collection-L U X E-A/W 2010 Look book of my latest digital clothing collection. All items available at The Niven Collection Boutique in Second Life. Locations:
Uploaded by scarlett.niven on 02/07/2011
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Ye Olde Bone 666
Uploaded by yeoldebone on 12/17/2010
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Ye Olde Bone 666
Uploaded by yeoldebone on 10/14/2010
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