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Me Moir - Volume One
Vic Reeves' vivid, enchanting, and utterly hilarious childhood memoir is a comic masterpiece. Before there was Vic Reeves, there was a boy called James Moir who was much the same as any other lad.Obsessed with owning a pet crow, a master at writing his name and terrified of his father's immense moustache. Growing up in Yorkshire and then CountyDurham, the boy who would be Reeves somehow managed to escape the attentions of 'Randy Mandy' and get a crash course in pig castration, before having encounters with Jimi Hendrix and the Yorkshire Ripper. Peopled with weird and wonderful characters, Vic Reeves' memoir is authentic, witty and inventive, and as unique as you'd expect from one of Britain's most exceptional comedy talents.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9780753512258

Moir Fringes in Strain Analysis
Moir Fringes in Strain Analysis provides a comprehensive description of the entire spectrum of techniques and methods using the moir fringe phenomenon for the measurement of strains in engineering structures and in deformed bodies. This book presents several examples of applications of each technique to particular metrological problems. Organized into 12 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the interference fringes between two beams of monochromatic light. This text then discusses the theory of moir patterns developed by various types of gratings based on the indicial representation method. Other chapters consider the experimental and theoretical investigation of the properties of moir fringes that was primarily confined to moir fringes formed by the interference of two-line gratings. This book discusses as well the major requisite for the application of moir methods in the field of strain analysis. The final chapter deals with the advantages of the moir methods. This book is a valuable resource for engineers, students and researchers.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780080129730

Moir Fringes in Strain Analysis
Moir Fringes in Strain Analysis provides a comprehensive coverage of the measurement of strains in deformed bodies and engineering structures. The title details the methods and techniques in strain analysis using the moir fringe phenomenon. The text first covers the general theory, and then proceeds to tackling the moir patterns. Next the selection deals with the applications of line gratings to two-dimensional strain measurement. The text also talks about surface topology by moir patterns, along with the applications of moir methods to dynamic problems and curved surfaces. The ninth chapter discusses moir extensometers, while the tenth chapter tackles the precision and influence of grating defects. The remaining chapters detail the technological information on reproduction techniques of gratings and the evaluation of moir methods. The book will be of great use to students, practitioners, and researchers of materials engineering and pure and applied mathematics.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9780080129747

The Theory of the Moir Phenomenon
This book offers the most comprehensive and methodical work on the theory of the moir phenomenon. This new edition is updated and expanded to include additional topics, more figures, and new and revised problems. It also contains much cross-referencing.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9781848821804

The Theory of the Moir Phenomenon
Since The Theory of the Moir Phenomenon was published it became the main reference book in its field. It provided for the first time a complete, unified and coherent theoretical approach for the explanation of the moir phenomenon, starting from the basics of the theory, but also going in depth into more advanced research results. However, it is clear that a single book cannnot cover the full breadth of such a vast subject, and indeed, this original volume admittently concentrated on only some aspects of the moir theory, while other interesting topics had to be left out. Perhaps the most important area that remained beyond the scope of the original book consists of the moir effects that occur between correlated random or aperiodic structures. These moir effects are known as Glass patterns, after Leon Glass who described them in the late 1960s. However, this branch of the moir theory remained for many years less widely known and less understood than its periodic or repetitive counterpart: Less widely known because moir effects between aperiodic or random structures are less frequently encountered in everyday's life, and less understood because these effects did not easily lend themselves to the same mathematical methods that so nicely explained the classical moir effects between periodic or repetitive structures.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9781402054570

'A smart, refreshingly uncynical book' - Iain Finlayson, The Times 'A lovely piece of work -- the best book on Scott, indeed, since Edwin Muir's Scott and Scotland' - Andrew O'Hagan 'This is no dry history' - The Skinny 'Very engaging, highly intelligent ... I loved this book and heartily recommend it' - AN Wilson His name and image are everywhere - from Bank of Scotland fivers to the monument in Edinburgh's city centre - yet who reads Walter Scott these days? Stuart Kelly explores the enigma of Scott and the disparity between his influence and his status, his current standing and his cultural legacy, in a voyage around Scotland. Born in Edinburgh, the ninth child of a lawyer, Scott trained as a lawyer. After the phenomenal success of his novel Waverley (1814) he produced a string of novels, such as Rob Roy, Guy Mannering, Ivanhoe, Old Mortality and The Talisman. Scott's writing strongly influenced, among others, Emily Bronte and Alexandre Dumas, although Mark Twain loathed it; he named a sinking boat, The Walter Scot in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Scott's management of his financial affairs left much to be desired and he was an extravagant spender on his house in Abbotsford and historical artefacts. He found himself in debt in 1826 to the tune of ?100,000 and attempted to write himself out of it. By the time of his death in 1832 he had cleared ?70,000.
Category: Biography & Autobiography. ISBN: 9781846971075

Scott Joplin
First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Category: Reference. ISBN: 9780824083991

Paul Scott
This study researches Paul Scott's engagement with post-modernism and humanity's capacity for moral integrity and love, even in the face of extraordinary challenges.
Category: Literary Criticism. ISBN:

Scott Free
One of America's most acclaimed suspense writers now serves up a bracingly original nail-biter that takes us deep into the rugged terrain of the Utah mountains. Sherry Carrigan O'Toole can't seem to apply the prescriptions she offers in her bestselling self-help books to her own life. Six years after her marriage to Brandon disintegrated and he won custody of their son, Scott, there's no room in their lives for her. Hoping to win back the teenager's heart, Sherry arranges a week's skiing at the plush SkyTop Village resort. But Scott has other plans. Determined to evade his mother's clutches, he jumps at the chance to join a foolhardy adventure: flying a Cessna through a nighttime storm to Salt Lake City for a Metallica concert. After the plane crashes, Scott is lost and alone in the frozen wilderness, miles from anywhere anyone would search for him. As Brandon and Sherry revisit the old battles that tore them apart, they have to fight a bureaucracy that wants to abandon the search even as their son struggles to survive impossible odds. Barely alive, Scott finally finds a cabin for shelter. He thinks his troubles are over. When he discovers the truth about the man who lives there, however, it's clear that his terror has hardly begun. With his latest page-turner, John Gilstrap cements his position among today's most ingenious thriller writers.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781416575054

Ridley Scott
El de Ridley Scott es, en principio, un caso poco comn en la historia del cine. Su filmografa (con 23 ttulos, hasta el momento) cuenta con dos obras, "Alien, el octavo pasajero" (1979) y "Blade Runner" (1982), cuya fama, xito y calidad artstica han superado e, incluso, sobrepasado a su propio director. Nos encontramos ante una carrera amplia y variada, con algunos altibajos y alguna que otra obra poco acertada, pero que, en lneas generales, nos presenta a uno de los directores ms personales e interesantes del cine contemporneo. Ya por s sola esta dicotoma lo hace, a nuestro entender, un cineasta absolutamente relevante a la hora de adentrarnos en su cine con la intencin de analizarlo en profundidad y darle forma a este estudio sobre su obra.
Category: Performing Arts. ISBN: 9788437635569
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