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Safety Net Centers in Rwanda: Strengthening Partners to Respond to the Needs of the Most Vulnerable
A study of CRS’s work with Safety Net Centers to prepare for the end of international food aid.
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Assessing Safety Net Readiness in Response to Food Price Volatility
This paper sets out a framework for making quick, qualitative assessments of how well countries' safety nets prepare them for a rapid policy response to rising food prices should the situation warrant.
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Safety Net 2012 Calendar
Safety Net’s vision is to create communities across Brighton, Hove and Sussex that work together to keep children safe. We aim to ensure all children and young people are aware that they have the right to feel and be safe, and that they can get help when they need it.
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The Safety Net Project
The Safety Net Project has been launched by the Lingua Franca Foundation in order to help women from abroad to integrate in Europe, to get language courses, job coaching and help after a divorce or a life accident.
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Measuring Governance and Service Delivery in Safety Net Programs
This paper develops a framework to assess organizational performance in the delivery of social safety nets.
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Public Works as a Safety Net
Public Works as a Safety Net: Design, Evidence, and Implementation reviews the conceptual underpinnings and operational elements of public works programs around the world. Drawing from a rich evidence base including program documentation, policy papers, peer-reviewed publications, and empirical data from over 40 countries, it provides an overview of the state of public works programs and how they function as part of wider social protection systems.
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Safety Net Project Seminar in MALAYSIA
The safety Net Project is a program associated between Lingua Lingua Franca Foundation and Hotel Abadi Sdn Bhd (Hotel Abadi Melaka) to promote safe and harmonious ‘win-win’ international exchanges as well as diversity between nations. This project aims to deal with domestic violence against women from abroad and to help them to integrate in the welcoming country or to go back safely to their country of origin and to inform local authority, potential partners and contributors of the current situation and what plans for improvement. It is also a discussion platform for future collaboration from both sides to promote and maintain the durability of the project.
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Grandparents: A Critical Child Care Safety Net
NACCRRA’s most recent report, Grandparents: A Critical Child Care Safety Net compiles the results of a nationwide survey of grandparents about child care. Through the survey, NACCRRA sought to gain a better understanding of grandparents’ involvement in the care of their grandchildren and their individual perceptions and beliefs regarding child care and found that nearly 60 percent of grandparents are either providing care for their grandchildren or have in the past.
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LGBT Older Adults: Falling Through the Safety Net
This brief illustrates how policy and social barriers gradually tear away at the safety net for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, older adults - and how these inequities compound and reinforce each other, creating a dramatically different aging experience for LGBT older adults based solely on the different treatment they experience because they are not heterosexual. It explains that the barriers and inequality facing LGBT older adults stem from the effects of social stigmas and prejudice, their reliance on informal "families of choice" for care and support, and inequitable laws and programs that treat LGBT elders unequally. These barriers can prevent LGBT elders from achieving three key elements of successful aging: financial security, good health and health care, and social support and community engagement. One of eleven issue briefs based on the SAGE/MAP report Improving the Lives of LGBT Older Adults.
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The Safety Net Project Mind Mapping
Mind Mapping of the Safety Net Project. This is a project developed by the Stichting Lingua Franca Foundation. It aims to help women from abroad to establish safely in Europe or to cope with European cultures, languages, work and marriage regulation, etc.
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