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SAAS Cloud Computing Service is the Best Business Applications
Cloud computing solutions are the most important services w.r.t the growth of the business and changing from the traditional application approach to the modern approach business.
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Cloud Computing - SaaS Application Requirements
Cloud computing” is the new industry buzz word, and everyone is talking about it. But what is it? It has changed the way businesses develop and deliver software. Companies are investing billions of dollars to leverage the potential of cloud computing.
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Cloudy with a Chance of Clarity: Navigating Cloud Computing & IT Service Management
In our latest thought leadership whitepaper, Sharon Taylor, Chief Architect of ITIL® V3, provides insight on the concept of cloud computing and its impact on IT Service Management (ITSM). In this paper, Taylor clarifies the facts about cloud computing and discusses whether or not cloud computing changes the need for IT Service Management. She also: - Outlines how cloud-based ITSM tools can benefit your organization - Distinguishes the difference between public and private clouds - Proposes trends for the future of managing cloud services and SaaS ITSM
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Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach
We were fortunate enough to be able to talk with a lot of very talented people while preparing this book for you. We spoke not only to people who implemented their own cloud solutions, but also those who help develop cloud solutions, as well as officers of several major cloud solution providers.
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Applications in the Cloud - The advantages of SaaS applications for large enterprises
The emergence of cloud computing has opened up a new way of running business applications in the cloud. A growing number of cloud platforms offer the possibility of running various kinds of business applications and integrate them in existing processes. Usually, development and deployment of applications in large enterprises takes a long time and results in high investment cost. Software as a Service (SaaS) applications open up a new and more competitive ways of developing and running business applications on in the cloud. In this paper we explore the advantages of cloud based SaaS applications for large enterprises. The research has been conducted on the basis of a general and scientific literature study and the reviewing of several cases. We found surprising advantages in development time and cost, operational cost, and flexibility of cloud operated SaaS applications.
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Cloud Computing
Cloud computing increases profitability by improving resource utilization. Pooling resources into large clouds drives down costs and increases utilization by delivering resources only for as long as those resources are needed. Cloud computing allows individuals, teams, and organizations to streamline procurement processes and eliminate the need to duplicate certain computer administrative skills related to setup, configuration, and support.
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IEEE Computer Society to Launch Cloud Computing Transactions
LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 29 June, 2012 – The IEEE Technical Activities Board has approved the launch of an IEEE Computer Society journal dedicated to cloud computing.
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Lean IT Transformation - Cloud Adoption for achieving Business Agility
"Organizations have made huge investments in IT infrastructure and are continuously spending on maintenance, upgrades and related administration & management. Lean IT Transformation is an approach for creating new cost-effective, agile and flexible IT service models by switching from company-owned IT hardware, software & services to per-use based models. It leverages the latest trends in cloud computing technology and next generation SaaS business models. This approach will help organizations to significantly reduce total cost of ownership, help achieve desired business agility and guarantee quality-of-service through new IT service models. We will illustrate the cost-benefit analysis of lean IT transformation approach in Enterprise Collaboration scenario. Read on to know how Lean IT Transformation is a high level approach for next generation IT services suitable for organizations of any size."
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Towards a Healthy Cloud, Cloud Computing Solutions for the Dutch Healthcare Sector
Research thesis report of the MBI master at Utrecht University. The research was carried out in collaboration with E.Novation
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The Potential Is The Cloud
Cloud computing can continue to progress since mor...
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