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The Puja of the 9 Long Life Deities Ritual Procedures

All participants in order to obtain fullest benefit from the ritual of the 9 Deities Long Life puja must able to comprehend the procedure during the ritual and act accordingly. Benefit of doing such ritual There are numerous benefits of performing this type of ritual. Eminent among them is the ritual will eradicate Mara of Death. For example, even if one has life-span of sixty years, due to certain obstacles one may die early. This ritual will ensure one a longer life. Program details: http://www.SakyaTenphelLing.org http://www.Facebook.com/Sakyapa
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A Sakya 2-Day Fasting Ritual and Meditation

Nyung Nay 2012 - A Sakya 2-DAY Fasting Ritual and Meditation Of the Eleven-Faced Arya Lokeshvara, In Accordance to the Sakya Lineage in the tradition of Bhikshuni Palmo led by Our Resident Lama – Khentul Rinpoche and accompanied by Sakya College monks If interested to participate please reigster personally in Sakya Tenphel Ling office, we also need you to sign an indemnity form. http://www.SakyaTenphelLing.org
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Práticas de Cura: O Uso Ritual do Kambô/ Healing Practices: The Ritual Use of Kambô

Ensaio fotográfico exibido durante o segundo encontro de Antropolgia Visual em Alagoas, em 2001.. Photographic essay exhibited during the second meeting of Visual Antrhopology in Algoas/AVAL in Maceió 2007.
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This paper addresses the need for a deeper understanding of the function and meaning of miniature masonry shrines in Late Postclassic period Maya ritual and religion; particularly, their use in public versus private religious contexts and their proposed importance as sacred loci for the deification of ancestors in ancient shrine rites. Using an ethnoarchaeological perspective, the author posits that the nature and significance of ritual evidence excavated from shrine complexes indicates their intensive use as religious loci for the performance of agricultural fertility-based ceremonies – rites and rituals tied to ancestor veneration that involved the actual deification of particularly revered familial lineage heads and esteemed community leaders.
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Research completed in 1993, 1996, 1999 and 2001 at the site of El Naranjal in northern Quintana Roo, Mexico, documented 12 Late Postclassic (A.D. 1250 to 1520) miniature masonry shrine complexes associated with the ritual reuse and modification of Early Classic monumental architecture. Material culture from these shrine/stairway/altar complexes set atop abandoned megalithic platforms at El Naranjal, reveal their use as religious loci for the performance of Postclassic water rites and related rituals. This information contributes to wider discussions of ancient Maya religious practice, addressing questions regarding the role of miniature masonry shrines in the physical and spiritual manipulation of Postclassic sacred landscapes; the connection of these diminutive structures to centrally placed monumental architecture; and the incorporation of sacred caves, evidenced by speleothems found in Late Postclassic shrine contexts.
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The Human Ritual Book 1

The Human Ritual Book 1 by William Menzo
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North Shore Art Throb- The Ritual Issue- December 2012

Welcome to the ritual issue- our December 2012 issue in its digital form. Exploring the theme of Ritual, this issue features interviews with people who are working on their mental and physical health. We also offer recipes for holiday pudding and bread baking and essays from writers sharing their personal and familial traditions.
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Formation: Ritual

Ritual: Barrier or Gateway? Father Mark Greenaway-Robbins May 27, 2012.
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Stimulus Respond - Ritual

The Ritual issue of Stimulus Respond, Summer 2011. Cover by Mark Fast.
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The Cruel Kapparot Chicken-Swinging Ritual

A United Poultry Concerns brochure exposing the suffering caused to chickens by the Jewish Kapparot Chicken-Swinging Ritual. Please contact the Rabbinical Council of America and ask them to advocate that kapparot be carried out with money rather than chickens. Contact: Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg, President Rabbinical Council of America, 305 Seventh Avenue, 12thFloor, New York, NY 10001 Phone: 212-807-7888 Fax: 212-727-8452 Email: [email protected] Find out more about United Poultry Concerns at http://www.upc-online.org
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