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Drying Up: What to Do About Droughts in the People's Republic of China

Climate change is one of a few major factors that ensure the country will continue to struggle to supply its cities and industries and fields with enough water, particularly in the North, as well as face more frequent and longer droughts. The country has shown a stunningly agile disaster response system, but its system for disaster prevention and management is far less developed. The road to greater drought management and sustainable water supplies is demand management. How to achieve this in a historically hydraulic-engineering society is explored through the case study of Guiyang Municipality in Guizhou Province.
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Bubble Value at Risk + Website

The book introduces a powerful new approach to financial risk modeling with proven strategies for its real-world applications.
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Risk Governance Deficits: The most common deficits in risk governance”

A risk governance deficit is a failure in the identification, framing, assessment, management and communication of a risk issue or of how it is being addressed. As such, it can also be understood as a risk governance challenge. Governance deficits are common. They may be found throughout the risk handling process, and limit its effectiveness. They are actual and potential shortcomings and can be remedied or mitigated. The list of risk governance deficits and case studies were developed following a series of expert workshops held in Zurich and Geneva (November 2007, June 2008, November 2008 and June 2009). Participants comprised an international group of experts in risk assessment and management from government, academia, private industry and international organisations.
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Integrating Risk Appetite with Strategy

Presentation from a Manigent webinar on - Feb 14 2011.
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Risk Management Process- Preparing organizations for contingencies

Every business whether it’s a large conglomerate or a small and medium enterprise, risk is an integral part of any business process. Organizations plan their business strategies keeping in mind the risks involved in the industry sector. Risk management thus is a part and parcel of the business operations.
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Global Information Risk Management (IRM) company Announces Partnership with Exafort

The solution and services includes Compliance & Risk Management, Data Protection, Identity Management Solution, Network-Based Security and User Education. This offering will help Cloud services customers protect sensitive data and address concerns of security, compliance and privacy.
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A Foundation for Developing Risk Management Learning Strategies in the Public Service

this document is to provide a foundation for developing learning strategies and curriculum for public sector risk management.
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Urban Risk Assessments: Understanding Disaster and Climate Risk in Cities

This book presents a framework, the Urban Risk Assessment, for assessing disaster and climate risk in cities which is intended to assist in decision-making, urban planning, and designing risk management programs. The approach seeks to strengthen coherence and consensus within and across cities in understanding and planning for risk from natural disasters and climate change. The target audience for this book includes policy makers, urban practitioners and technical staff, and international organizations.
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Risk Management in Medical Devices Industry

The course will introduce the main elements of risk management and the application of risk management principles and requirements to the medical device development cycle. Risk management has become the method of choice to ensure an effective and safety oriented device development. International consensus,reflected in globally applicable standard requirements, has led to risk management as a mandatory component of almost any activity in the medical device industry.
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Effective Compliance Risk Management Solutions to Control IT Risks

Risk, is part of business, but can be detrimental if it is not managed correctly. The biggest possible danger to a business is failing to identify a risk until it's too late. This can be costly in terms of reputation, security, money and internal morale. To contain risks effectively, companies have to meet regulatory demands while focusing on increasing revenue, managing cost and enhancing shareholders' value.
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