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Risk Management Software Crucial in Overall Enterprise Risk Management

Apart from taking help of risk management software, there are other measures that need to be kept in place to for efficient enterprise risk management.
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JDSU Strengthens Authentication Solutions with Additional Online Brand Monitoring Capabilities

JDSU today announced that it is expanding its range of offerings with the addition of an online brand monitoring service. JDSU is leveraging the expertise and commercially-proven technology of NewMomentum, a provider of online brand protection solutions based in San Rafael, California.
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Resourceful Revenue Recovery when experiencing Enterprise brand and IP risk

Today’s emphasis on globalization and outsourcing offers many cost reduction benefits to enterprises that manufacture or use electronic components. But this business is not just a bed of roses – there is a significant proliferation of counterfeits and sales through unauthorized channels.
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Four Ways to Stop Counterfeited Pharmaceuticals

New Momentum strongly believes that all members of the pharmaceutical ecosystem – manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies, and solutions providers -- must work together to alleviate and eventually eliminate this threat to patient safety and wellness.
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Luxury Goods: Genuine or Fake?

The counterfeit and gray market luxury goods trade is so big that experts estimate it to be anywhere from $200-$600 billion globally. That’s a wide range – and rightly so.
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Impact of counterfeits on electronics companies

Outsourcing and globalization have numerous benefits, but there is a downside—the proliferation of counterfeits and sales through unauthorized channels. This paper demonstrates the impact of counterfeits on electronics companies and gives solutions for finding the violators as well as a four-step roadmap for recovering revenue lost to counterfeits.
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Enterprise Active Risk Reports from Vue-Matrix

Vue-Matrix comes with a fantastic reporting feature. Projects risk reports can be generated for all levels in an organization. From Executive reports to Mid-level Management reports to Risk reports by Owner.Today, let us learn more about the Enterprise Active Risks Report.
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The “Risk Matrix” – Explained

The Risk Matrix is also popularly known as the Probability and Impact Matrix. The Risk Matrix is used during Risk Assessment and is born during Qualitative Risk Analysis in the Risk Management process. It is a very effective tool that could be used successfully with Senior Management to raise awareness and increase visibility of risks so that sound decisions on certain risks can be made in context.
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Applying Collective Intelligence in Risk Management

http://EmployeeWatch.Wordpress.com is brought to you by Employee Watch, LLC. Employee Watch Brings Employers Tools To Reduce Risk When It Comes To Dealing With The Costly and Sometimes Very Disruptive Employee Behaviors i.e.; Sexual Harassment, Drug Use, Violence, Theft, Vandalism, Discrimination. Employee Watch is "The Neighborhood Watch Program for Employee Communities".
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Risk Management Process- Preparing organizations for contingencies

Every business whether it’s a large conglomerate or a small and medium enterprise, risk is an integral part of any business process. Organizations plan their business strategies keeping in mind the risks involved in the industry sector. Risk management thus is a part and parcel of the business operations.
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