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The Value of a Proper Risk Assessment

Nemco Utilities group of expertise consultants provides premium service on proper risk assesment on Legionella diseases.
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International Country Risk Assessment

International Country Risk Assessment
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International Country Risk Assessment Methodology

The PRS Group - International Country Risk Assessment Methodology
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Importance of hipaa risk assessment software

Sharing personal health information over the web can be a dangerous business. Regrettably, as individuals become accustomed to performing most if not all of their private business online, the demand for accessing this info on-line will develop to the stage that well being care providers may have no option but to either provide entry to this personal well being information or shed their clients. The Health Insurance coverage Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted to guarantee the confidentiality of patient info. This demands that health care providers employ stringent measures to guarantee that info shared on the internet is protected from unauthorized access. Risk watch International hipaa risk assessment software helps you in this regard..
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Online Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism FInancing Risk Assessment Model

Our experts have developed a global online money laundering and terrorism financing enterprise risk assessment model that allows organisations to assess the risks across a variety of dimensions including: Clients Products Channels Venues and places of business Employees Country / Territory / Jurisdictions The online money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment model tailors questions specific to the industry. It is fully customisable - questions, dimensions, scores and weightings can be added, modified or removed on an individual or grouped basis. After completing the risk assessment a PDF report is generated - this can be stored to provide a full audit trail summarising the outcomes of the risk assessment that was conducted.
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FRAMES — A Risk Assessment Framework for e-Services

e-Government projects are expected to increase efficiency and quality of government services, whilst decreasing the costs. Unfortunately though, together with its perceived positive potential, e-Government also entails risks. It is expected that the employment of proper risk assessment methods in the management of such projects will reduce the threats imposed by the various risks that surround these projects. This paper discusses about risk in e-Government and provides a high-level e- Government risk factor classification. Furthermore, this article proposes a novel risk assessment framework for e-Services in the public administration.
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CCM announces glyphosate industry risk assessment model

CCM announces glyphosate industry risk assessment model, a unique model to assess the risk level of Chinese glyphosate industry.
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Urban Risk Assessments: Understanding Disaster and Climate Risk in Cities

This book presents a framework, the Urban Risk Assessment, for assessing disaster and climate risk in cities which is intended to assist in decision-making, urban planning, and designing risk management programs. The approach seeks to strengthen coherence and consensus within and across cities in understanding and planning for risk from natural disasters and climate change. The target audience for this book includes policy makers, urban practitioners and technical staff, and international organizations.
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‘PsychSentinel’ –The Best System for Electronic Clinical Risk Management and Assessment

Clinical Excellence- a super specialist supplier of innovative clinical mental health care software points out that PsychSentinel is an excellent tool for Electronic Clinical Risk Management and Assessment.
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Framework for City Climate Risk Assessment

Estimation of spatially and temporally disaggregated climate risks is a prerequisite for crafting climate change responses in cities. This interdisciplinary research reviews current literature and practices, identifies knowledge gaps, and defines future research directions for creating a risk‐based climate change adaptation framework for cities. The focus is on cities in developing economies. The framework unpacks risk into three vectors—hazards, vulnerabilities, and adaptive capacity. The framework was developed and tested in: Buenos Aires, Delhi, Lagos, and New York. The focus is on articulating differential impacts on poor and non‐poor urban residents as well as sectorally disaggregating implications for infrastructure and social well‐being, including health. Additionally, a programmatic response is articulated with a four‐track approach to risk assessment and adaptation mechanisms that leverages existing and planned investments in cities.
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