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Beyond Risky: Going Beyond Risk Mitigation and Risk Tolerance Is a Risk Analysis

In its simplest form, risk, from an operational perspective, is a mathematical equation that focuses on the simple concept of risk vs. reward. When we analyze how risk mitigation and risk tolerance effect business decisions, we are asking the decision-makers within the organization how much risk (or chance) they are willing to take versus the perceived rewards that could be obtained through a positive outcome of the decision being made. These are simple formulas and in a perfect scenario these two factors (risk mitigation and risk tolerance) would provide all of the information necessary to make major operational decisions. Unfortunately, like everything in life, it just isn't that simple.
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Handbook on Risk Analysis and Management

This handbook provides insight into professional practices and methodical approaches of risk analysis and management. In the 12-chapter publication, experts from civil defense organizations, intelligence services, the armed forces, and the financial and insurance sectors explain how they handle risk and uncertainty by identifying upcoming issues, assessing future threats and implementing effective mitigation policies.
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The “Risk Matrix” – Explained

The Risk Matrix is also popularly known as the Probability and Impact Matrix. The Risk Matrix is used during Risk Assessment and is born during Qualitative Risk Analysis in the Risk Management process. It is a very effective tool that could be used successfully with Senior Management to raise awareness and increase visibility of risks so that sound decisions on certain risks can be made in context.
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Carriage, Handling and Storage of Dangerous Goods along the Mekong River: Risk Analysis Volume I

Carriage, Handling and Storage of Dangerous Goods Along the Mekong River (Volume I: Risk Analysis) is designed to be an important reference for the MRC, national line agencies, development partners and the private sector. This comprehensive assessment covers risks related to ports and terminals, vessels and waterways as well as the legal framework and environmental factors. It complements the accompanying publication (Volume II: Recommendations) which provides a framework to ensure a balance between inland water transport and environmental protection in the Lower Mekong Basin.
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Risk Analysis & IT Management

Risk Analysis & IT Management Books from CRC Press
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Risk Analysis Tool

Risk Log and Analysis - to measure likelihood and impact of areas of risk within your business.
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Foreclosure Risk Analysis

Foreclosure Risk Analysis
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Systemic Risk Analysis

Brochure Design for Systemic Risk Analysis
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Understanding Insurance: The Importance of Engineering Risk Analysis

Presentation delivered at the Year of Humanitarian Engineering Workshop in Adelaide, 7 December 2011.
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Importance of Governance Risk and Analysis

Enterprises have realized that governance and related issues of compliance and risk management cannot be ignored. Estimated to be a market of over $32billion, governance, risk and compliance management solutions offer ways and means to lessen the burden of the complications that arises, ensuring full compliance to administrative norms and regulations.
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