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Horse and Hound Artical Flood causes misery for horse owners
Press artical discussing the effects of flooding on horse owners. Endorses Flood Products.
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Cities and Flooding: Part 1
Chapters 1-4: Urban flooding is an increasing challenge today to the expanding cities and towns of developing countries. This Handbook is a state-of-the art, user-friendly operational guide that shows decision makers and specialists how to effectively manage the risk of floods in rapidly urbanizing settings – and within the context of a changing climate.
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Cover: ‘Ink vs Link’. Press Room of The Richmond Planet, c. 1899 / Editorial: ‘Welcome to The Last Post, The Last Gazette, The Last Register...’ by Latitudes / Picture Agent (Our singular picture agency): Kirstine Roepstorff / Media Habits: Dara Birnbaum / Exclusive Interview: ‘Double Trouble’, Lorena Muñoz-Alonso interviews TLN artist Pierre Bismuth / Feature: ‘Lights, Camera...Banality’, Kolja Reichert on Marie Voignier’s Hearing the Shape of a Drum (2010) / ‘Working with Utopians’ by Richard Flood and Benjamin Godsill / The Next Newspaper (Profiling the organizations, projects, initiatives and individuals redefining ink-and-paper news): ProPublica / Fit to Print: ‘The (L.A.) Times it is A-Changin’ by Adam Chadwick / 100 Years Ago…: The Salt Lake Herald-Republican / Cartoon: ‘The Woods: Teen Balls’ by Francesc Ruiz / Advertising: Ester Partegàs with Rob McKenzie
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Cover: Hans Haacke, News / Exclusive interview: Rodrigo Moura interviews Mauro Restiffe / Dirt Sheet: Janine Armin on TLN participant Dexter Sinister / Report: 'Fit to Print?: The newsroom reinvented', on the New Museum talk between Adam Chadwick and Jason Fry / 100 Years Ago...: Los Angeles Herald / Focus: ‘Blu Dot: What?’, Gwen Schwartz and Mariana Cánepa Luna on TLN partner organization Blu Dot / The Next Newspaper: The Daily, by Irina Chernyakova / Focus: Greg Barton on TLN artist Emily Jacir’s Sexy Semite (2000-2) / Picture Agent: Simon Fujiwara / Media Habits: Michalis Pichler / Feature: TLN co-curators Richard Flood and Benjamin Godsill reflect on the exhibition / Focus: Greg Barton and Irina Chernyakova on TLN partner organisation NetLab’s the New City Reader / Exclusive interview: Janine Armin interviews TLN artist Hans Haacke / Cartoon: 'The Woods: The End' by Francesc Ruiz / Advertising: Ester Partegàs
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Cover: Peter Piller, Pfeile (Arrows) / Exclusive interview: ‘Bedeutungsflächen, In Löcher blicken, Ortsbesichtigungen...’, Julienne Lorz talks to Peter Piller / Focus: ‘Press Victim’, Collin Munn on TLN artist Mike Kelley + ‘Mike on Mike’, Mike Santistevan on Mike Kelley / Picture Agent: Pablo Vargas Lugo / 100 Years Ago…: The Seattle Star / The Next Newspaper: Web aggregation, by Irina Chernyakova / Focus: ‘Sarah’s Sex Sport-Trait’, Lorena Muñoz-Alonso on TLN artist Sarah Lucas / Media Habits: Carey Young / Dirt Sheet: Janine Armin on Allen Ruppersberg / Focus: 'Dutiful Scrivener', Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere on their work for TLN + Mark Twain’s ‘Amended Obituaries’ (1902) / Focus and exclusive interview: ‘Graphite Testimony’, Greg Barton on Andrea Bowers / Exclusive interview: ‘Having It All’, Latitudes talks with TLN co-curator Richard Flood about TLN artist Robert Gober / Cartoon: 'The Woods: Fahrenheit 451' by Francesc Ruiz / Advertising: Ester Parteg
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Return to Harmony: Nashville Flood Relief
In May 2010, West and Middle Tennessee, including Nashville, experienced the worst flood in recent history. Help the recovery from Music City's historic flood.
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Cover: ‘Sorry for the Metaphor’. Special cover by Amalia Pica (and page 3) / Editorial: ‘34 People Like This’ by Latitudes / Focus: ‘A system is not imagined, it is real’, Julienne Lorz on TLN artist Hans Haacke’s News (1969/2008) / Dirt Sheet: Janine Armin on the newspaper-as-catalogue / Picture Agent: Ilana Halperin / The Next Newspaper: Clay Shirky / Photo essay: ‘Picture Mining’ by Ines Schaber / Obituary: ‘Sorry we’re dead’, Andrew Losowsky on TLN artist Adam McEwen’s Untitled (Caster) (2010) / Fit to Print: Adam Chadwick on hyperlocal citizen journalism / 100 Years Ago…: Daily Public Ledger / In Brief: ‘Sac Bee Cuts’ / Media Habits: Luis Camnitzer / Infographic: ‘U.S. Gazettes: Average Circulation’ by Irina Chernyakova / Cartoon: ‘The Woods: Money’ by Francesc Ruiz / Advertising: Ester Partegàs
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2009 GCRCF Annual Report
Annual Report of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation for 2009
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Digital publication details: 48 pages.

Edited by the Barcelona-based curatorial office Latitudes, designed by Chad Kloepfer and Joel Stillman, and freely distributed from a micro-newsroom at the New Museum, New York, from October – December 2010, 'The Last Post', 'The Last Gazette', 'The Last Register', etc., were hybrid weekly tabloids that built incrementally into a surrogate catalogue for 'The Last Newspaper' exhibition. The newspapers comprise a parallel programming and exhibition space (including, for example, a cartoon strip and an artist-run 'advertising department', alongside interviews and feature articles). They were an archive in formation companioning 'The Last Newspaper''s artworks, organizations, and events, as well as a platform for critical reflection on the agency of art and artists, the information industry and its public with respect to the news and the newsworthy.
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Cover: 'Without Rain Partial Nights Aerial Days'. Special cover by Julia Rometti & Victor Costales / Feature: ‘Translating Rubble’, Kathleen Ritter on Mark Manders / Focus: ‘Floor Tautology’, Simone Menegoi on TLN artist Luciano Fabro + ‘Fabricating Fabro’ by Shannon Bowser / Special pull-out poster: Installation + checklist of TLN + ‘Your week in Headlines’ by New Museum FB and Twitter followers / Feature: 'Thomas Hirschhorn ♥ Queens', Charity Scribner / Feature: 'Red and black all over, again' Irina Chernyakova interviews TLN designers / Focus: TLN project Jeffrey Inaba/C-Lab’s Cloudy with a chance of Certainty (2010) + ‘C-What?’ by Greg Barton / Media Habits: Michael Rakowitz / The Next Newspaper: WikiLeaks / Dirt Sheet: Janine Armin at the Taipei and the Gwangju Biennials / Picture Agent: Maria Loboda / Cartoon: ‘The Woods: Flavor of the month’ by Francesc Ruiz / 100 Years Ago…: Palestine Daily Herald / Advertising: Ester Partegàs
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Digital publication details: 12 pages.
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