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Poor Little Rich Girl Photoshoot
Magazine photoshoot inspired by Edie Sedgwick
Uploaded by katy.reeve on 12/06/2010
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The Rich 16-Year-Old's Millionaire System In Question
Recently a site called The Rich 16 Year Old launched and may have been one of the most ridiculous sites many of us have seen in recent times. What’s scary is apparently the product seems to be selling well despite NUMEROUS red-flags that have been caught on the sales page. I’ve done a series of videos, screenshots and explanations that show in detail MANY HUGE RED-FLAGS with Carol Nguyen’s website.
Uploaded by workathometruth on 07/14/2010
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A "Rich" Girl
"No matter how poor one is, their family makes them rich."
Uploaded by lauradeal76 on 03/05/2012
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Dialogue 3.7: Victoria Stewart
We talk to playwright Victoria Stewart about her new play RICH GIRL, the sudden inspiration that led her to become a playwright, how she and her husband met at the Playwrights' Center on Jerome Fellowships, and more.
Uploaded by pwcenter on 03/15/2010
Digital publication details: 7 pages.

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast 2012 Annual Report
Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast's 2012 program and activity highlights, honor roll of donors, and financial statements.
Uploaded by girlscoutswise on 04/24/2013
Digital publication details: 24 pages.

Think and Grow Rich - By Napoleon Hill
This is a very inspirational book by the legendary Napoleon Hill...I think it definately relates to our life in this modern age..It's a must read for everyone who wants be to a better person in ever aspect of there life, mind and soul.
Uploaded by alessandroc on 12/24/2008
Digital publication details: 245 pages.

Girl Scout Cookie Desserts
Three dessert recipes using Girl Scout Cookies.
Uploaded by judena20 on 03/24/2013
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Memorial #4 (of 6)
Chris Roberson (w) • Rich Ellis (a) • Michael WM Kaluta (c)Em finds herself stranded in the Everlands with no way home, with no one but a lost little girl to guide her. Together, the two make their way across the “Stolen Moments,” encountering people and places that have been forgotten by history, or remembered only as stories. But with the Shadows and an army of living statues dogging her heels, and even greater dangers ahead, can Em survive long enough to find a way back to the only life she knows?FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Uploaded by idwpublishing on 03/19/2012
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Memorial: Imaginary Fiends #2:
Return to the world of MEMORIAL in "Imaginary Fiends.” A little lost girl, a magic china marker, and a dragon named Nox are the keys to restoring the Land of Maybe! Brought to you by Chris Roberson (iZombie), Rich Ellis (Twilight Zone), and Grace Allison (Wander).
Uploaded by idwpublishing on 04/02/2013
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Love and Capes: What to Expect #6 (of 6)
You’ve been wondering it for months now… what will happen to Abby’s bookstore? Wait, no. You’ve been asking, “Is it a boy? A girl? Twins? Triplets? Will it have powers? Is it an illusion cast by a magic spell?” (Okay, we'll answer the last one right now: No.) Your questions will be answered this issue! And, seriously, the fate of the bookstore is revealed, too.
Uploaded by idwpublishing on 01/07/2013
Digital publication details: 9 pages.
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