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Jump Start Responsive Web Design
Get a Jump Start on Responsive Web Design today! Responsive Web Design is redefining the way websites are designed, enabling you to craft websites that deliver exceptional experiences to your users - whether they happen to be using a desktop PC, tablet or mobile device. In just one weekend with this SitePoint book, you'll learn how to: Use media queries to maximize website usabilityHarness the power of fluid gridsUse dynamic images to automatically scale and select appropriate images Plus you'll discover how to use responsive content and a mobile first approach.

Responsive Design High Performance
This book is ideal for developers who have experience in developing websites or possess minor knowledge of how responsive websites work. No experience of high-level website development or performance tweaking is required.

Responsive webdesign
Leer hoe je verder dan je pc denkt en prachtige ontwerpen maakt die reageren op de behoeften van je gebruikers. Ethan Marcotte onderzoekt CSS-technieken en designprincipes, zoals flexibele rasters, flexibele afbeeldingen en mediaquerys en hij demonstreert hoe je je gebruikers altijd de beste kwaliteit geeft, hoe groot (of klein) hun scherm ook is.

Responsive Web Design
With the advent of responsive techniques, design patterns and off-the-shelf components, responsive Web design has become more than a technique - but rather a new mindset that requires us all to rethink and extend our practices. Res

Responsive Web Design
Créez ou adaptez votre site web pour tous les navigateurs, écrans TV et PC, tablettes et smartphones! Alors que les usages de navigation sur Internet se multiplient, les sites web restent bien souvent inadaptés à l'écran ou au matériel avec lesquels ils sont consultés. La mise en page des sites reste fixe, le texte est peu lisible, les temps de chargement s'alourdissent, ainsi que parfois les coûts de développement. Avec les principes du Responsive Web Design, développez des sites dont la mise en page s'adaptera de façon harmonieuse et esthétique à tous les supports de navigation! Grâce aux leçons de cet ouvrage, vous développerez des sites web réactifs ou améliorerez vos sites existants. Vos pages web s'afficheront de façon esthétique sur tous les types et tailles d'écrans, votre code sera plus facilement maintenable, et vous ne perdrez plus de temps et de coûts de développement à créer des versions mobiles de vos sites. Vous maîtriserez facilement les techniques de design avancées (grilles fluides, images flexibles, media queries) et apprendrez à vous servir des nouveautés de HTML5 et CSS3 pour améliorer l'expérience utilisateur de votre site (balises sémantiques, médias, transitions, transformations, animations, ombres, typographie, etc.), quel que soit l'écran ou le support avec lequel il sera consulté, avec un appareil d'aujourd'hui ou de demain. Cet ouvrage s'adresse à tous les développeurs, intégrateurs ou designers web qui souhaitent apprendre les techniques pour créer ou adapter des sites en Responsive Web Design. Les codes sources sont disponibles sur pearson. fr

Learning Responsive Web Design
Deliver an optimal user experience to all devices-including tablets, smartphones, feature phones, laptops, and large screens-by learning the basics of responsive web design. In this hands-on guide, UX designer Clarissa Peterson explains how respon

Moving to Responsive Web Design
Redesign your static website into a modern, fully responsive website. As the usage of mobile devices of all shapes and sizes increases exponentially every year, and dominates the manner in which many users access the web, it is now imperative for

Responsive Web Design Patterns
Learn how to build your own pattern library and fill it with the most popular responsive web design patternsAbout This BookExplore the process of combining responsive patterns together to fit the needs of y

Responsive Web Design by Example
Develop mobile-first and adaptive websites that provide the best user experience for a wide range of devicesAbout This BookRapidly develop and prototype responsive websites by leveraging the power of Bootst

Responsive Web Design Toolkit
Responsive Web Design Toolkit: Hammering Websites into Shape focuses on the nuts and bolts of responsive web design, showing you how to better build and how to debug websites that use the responsive technique. This book guides you through the

Responsive Web Design in Practice
Today's library patrons are browsing the Web on a variety of devices including tablets, e-readers, mobile phones, and desktops. Responsive web design employs techniques that will enable your library's website to automatically adapt to whatever screen size it's being viewed on. Learn how to utilize CSS techniques such as fluid grids and flexible images combined with responsive design techniques such as media queries to deliver an optimal experience for your library patrons regardless of device. Design one website to fit them all. With both beginner and expert developers in mind, this complete handbook guides the reader through the process of developing and launching their own Responsive Web Designs and introduces the craft of building multi-screen experiences. Online demos and downloadable code files are included for all projects: Adapting your Existing Layout into a Responsive Layout - A RWD RetrofitBuilding a Responsive Layout from Scratch - A RWD BookreaderCreating a Responsive Contact Form - "Get a Library Card"Creating a Responsive Search InterfaceCreating a Responsive Single Page Application - "Mobile Feed App"Using an RWD Framework for a complete site: Twitter Bootstrap

Responsive Web Design by Example
Written as a concise yet practical guide with an explicit focus on showing beginners how to get their very own responsive websites up and running, this essential reference includes coverage of tried-and-tested responsive frameworks in a project-based

跨視窗尺寸網頁設計實錄-All about RWD(Responsive Web Design)

Responsive Web Design Overview For Beginners
In Responsive Web Design Overview For Beginners, you'll get an overview of what to expect when building a responsive website. You'll learn about all of the following: Responsive Web Design Overview Usability of Smaller Screens Why Plugins Aren't the Solution Why a Responsive Web Design Theme May Not Be Best for Your Existing Website Risks Involved with Responsive Web Design Frameworks Responsive Web Design or Mobile Website: Which Is Right for You? Measuring the Cost of a Responsive Web Design Designer's View on Cost Handling Ads in Your Responsive Web Design Responsive Web Design and CSS 5 Steps to a Responsive Web Design Where Do You Go From Here? You'll also see how to: Develop a plan for creating a responsive web design site Get an idea on effort and what is involved Understand the impact to your marketing Set expectations for maintaining a responsive website

Responsive Web Design with jQuery
Responsive Web Design with jQuery follows a standard tutorial-based approach, covering various aspects of responsive web design by building a comprehensive website."Responsive Web Design with jQuery" is aimed at web designers who are interested in bu

Responsive Web Design: Solutions For Responsive Images
With the limitations that the tag brings along, images have long been a major obstacle when wanting to create truly responsible, fast, responsive websites. Luckily, the upcoming element and srcset/sizes are about to fin

Responsive Web Design in Practice
Today's library patrons are browsing the Web on a variety of devices including tablets, e-readers, mobile phones, and desktops. Responsive web design employs techniques that will enable your library's website to automatically adapt to whatever scr

Beginning Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3
Beginning Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3is your step-by-step guide to learning how to embrace responsive design for all devices. You will learn how to develop your existing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to make your

Smashing Book 5: Real-Life Responsive Web Design
Responsive design is a default these days, but we are all still figuring out just the right process and techniques to better craft responsive websites. That's why Smashing Magazine created a new book - to gather practical techniques and strategies

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3
This book will lead you, step by step and with illustrative screenshots, through a real example. Are you writing two websites one for mobile and one for larger displays? Or perhaps youve heard of Responsive Design but are unsure how to bring HTML5,
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