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Support Resistance Trading
Support Resistance Trading is by heavily used by traders to plot charts with trendlines and key horizontal levels to mark the support and resistance levels.
Uploaded by charlieng7 on 11/04/2011
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Resistance bands, how to find the best, what not to buy!
What to look for when choosing resistance / exercise, fitness, workout bands. Where to find heavy duty resistance bands.
Uploaded by elastitone on 03/18/2012
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Resistance Conspiracy Case Interview
Interview with members of the Resistance Conspiracy Case
Uploaded by randalljaykay on 02/07/2013
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Resistance Conspiracy Case Interview
22 page interview with folks arrested/imprisoned as part of the Resistance Conspiracy Case.
Uploaded by randalljaykay on 05/19/2013
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Digital Earth Resistance Tester
Uses for its operation the most recent electronic technology, thanks to which it is possible to obtain high precision measurements in both the civil and industrial fields.
Uploaded by measureinstruments on 05/20/2013
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Modern Nonviolent Resistance
Modern Nonviolent Resistance – a pixie anecdote – by: Ah’livia The presentation evaluates current models of popular social justice and introduces a fresh alternative. Presentation offers an innovatively simple outlook and suggestions on social justice and the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Uploaded by ah_livia on 10/30/2011
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What Are The Best Resistance Bands Of 2013?
What are resistance bands?Resistance b...
Uploaded by squash91priest on 03/29/2013
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The Race Against Drug Resistance
In an increasingly interconnected world, drug resistance does not stop at a patient’s bedside—it threatens global health. The conclusions of the Center for Global Development’s Drug Resistance Working Group make clear the need for urgent action to address this growing crisis.
Uploaded by cgdpubs on 06/13/2010
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Mod 4 - Turning resistance into assistance1.0
Why do people resist change? Will there always be resistance to an ITSM change initiative? As a trainer and consultant in ITSM and personal skills I’ve had my load of resistance thrown at me, during the years. But I’ve learned to use resistance as a valuable source for improving ITSM. In this article some of the lessons I’ve learned. If resistance itself is not the problem, what is it that leads to failure? ©[email protected] 1
Uploaded by douweb on 10/10/2010
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Cultures of Resistance Issue 1
Cultures of Resistance Activism Forum is a project that aims to address the Western hostile use of language intended to restrict debate related to mainstream Islamist movements and currents. The project will explore more effective means to respond to hostile use of language - as well as explore how better to insist on extending public debate beyond its standard focus on ‘Islamist violence’ - by launching a ‘positive’ (non-defensive) discourse on Islamism. In partnership with a wide number of social activist and public campaign groups, we aim to advocate for a shift in language from the defensive to the positive; to learn how others, in different struggles, have achieved this transition; and by this means, and by gaining greater critical mass, to open space in which a discourse of rebuttal and ‘resistance’ can be developed through visual and other means to imposed narratives and stereotyping.
Uploaded by som_1965 on 05/19/2009
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