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Ethics Protocols and Research Ethics Committees - obtaining approval for your academic research
This is a 16 page extract from the book. Conducting research to high ethical standards is of great importance to the student and the university. Having an Ethics Protocol is the way of ensuring such standards can be met. Researching with the use of an approved Ethics Protocol also affords protection to the student. Authors: Dan Remenyi, Nicola Swan and Ben Van Den Assem Published by Academic Publishing International ISBN: 978-1-906638-99-3
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Research ethics in emerging forms of online learning: issues arising from a hypothetical study...
Abstract: ReseaThis paper is concerned with how research ethics is evolving along with emerging online research methods and settings. In particular, it focuses on ethics issues implied in a hypothetical virtual ethnography study aiming to gain insights on participants experience in an emergent context of networked learning, namely a MOOC Massive Online Open Course. A MOOC is a popular type of online open course, that provides free content and expertise to anyone in the world who wishes to enroll. The p urposes of this article are to briefly outline recent debates on online research ethics approaches and then to explore competing views on ethical decision-making when researching in a globalized, online and open learning setting. Considering the challenge s of this new elearning inquiry context, issues as the underlying research ethics models, the roles of researcher and participants and the integrity of the research process are discussed in their interplay with the evolving...
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Research Ethics Workshop PAHO-WHO Staff 2010
Report: Research Ethics Workshop for PAHO staff Washington DC, November 1-3 2010
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Strategies for Teaching Research Ethics in Business, Management and Organisational Studies
Ethics education has become increasingly important in the wake of recent corporate scandals and reported scientific misconduct. The pressure to succeed has spurred the emergence of a 'cheating culture' (Callahan, 2004). Callahan suggests that ethics — i.e., integrity, honesty and fairness — is losing ground to a market-driven economy and culture that rewards self-interest, self-gratification, and amoral behaviour. As educators, we are committed to providing students with the preparation, mentoring and guidance they need to address ethical issues that arise in their academic, professional and personal lives. We need to serve as positive role models to encourage ethical conduct. Nowhere is this more critical than in the area of research, particularly human subject research. To ensure integrity in research, students and faculty must demonstrate that they understand the ethical and legal ramifications of their work prior to initiating any research. In addition to legal...
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Integrating Sustainable Development into Research Ethics Protocols
The challenges and crises that face organisations are frequently the result of unintended, unanticipated or unforeseen consequences of well-intended decisions. In this paper the role of research ethics is analysed in as far as it contributes to or militat
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Research ethics
Research Ethics
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TTH Spring 2009 Journal
Spring 2009
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Fidelis Ethics Review
Quarterly magazine that invites you to reflect upon ethics an its importance for the business world.
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PAHO Ethics Review Committee Standard Operating Procedures
PAHOERC's structure and review process (including the requirements for the submission of proposals) is dictated by the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The purpose of these Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is to delineate the structure and process followed by the Ethics Review Committee of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHOERC) for review of proposals, including the requirements for research proposals submitted for ethical review. These standard operating procedures were approved by the Director, Dr. Mirta Roses-Periago 1 May 2009. Your comments and feedback are welcome and can be submitted to [email protected]
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Fidelis Ethics Review - Spring 2012
This issue is dedicated to the set of conferences given by Fidelis in Hong Kong during february-march 2012. A second part of the talks given during the Summit at the Vatican is also included.
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