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Using a Mixed Methods Research Design in a Study Investigating the ‘Heads of e-Learning’...
Abstract: This paper outlines the research design, methodology and methods employed in research conducted in the context of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and focuses on the Heads of e-Learning (HeLs) perspective about Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) by campus-based UK institutions. This paper aims to expand on the research design and the research methodology that was followed as part of this research, making a justified argument for mixed methods approaches in e-learning contexts. The background of this research and its research questions is outlined first to provide the context of this research. Following a review of the literature on TEL that informed this research, this paper provides an explanation of the researcher’s worldview before discussing the chosen research design. The status of the findings and their generalisability based on the chosen methodology are then discussed. The research findings show that most universities represented in the survey offered...
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UTwente - Research overview - Research Design Engineering
This research overview was created as a visual addendum to the scientific report for the periodic assessment of research quality
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Eating our own Cooking: Toward a More Rigorous Design Science of Research Methods
This paper argues that Design Science is an appropriate paradigm for research into Research Methods. Research Methods (along with their tools and techniques) are purposeful artefacts, designed and created by people to achieve a specific purpose – i.e. to create new, truthful knowledge. Like other artefacts, research methods vary in their fitness to purpose, i.e. in their utility, depending on their fit and appropriate application to the particular purpose, contexts, and contingencies for which they were developed. Design Science Research aims at developing new purposeful artefacts with evidence of their utility. Applying a DSR perspective to research methods should yield increased utility in the application of research methods, better guidance in applying them and greater confidence in achieving the desired outcomes of applying them. Based on these premises, this paper reviews the basic concerns and issues in Design Science Research (using the balanced scorecard as an example...
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Research Process Phases
Presentation by Jaclyn Le of the "Research Process Phases" for the scientific seminar, Research Methods and Design, supervised by Prof. Brandes.
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Perspectives on Management Research Design and Orientation: Quandaries and Choices
The purpose of this paper is to discuss some of the quandaries or difficult choices that affect detailed research design as well as the 'big' orientations or paradigms that motivate studies in the field of business and management research. Many of these choices and decisions are now commonly assumed to be mere preferences, no longer worthy of debate. As in the case of whether to collect data that is say, more easily quantified than qualified. Or whether the demands of practice are incommensurable with those of the social sciences. Such oppositions and tensions are discussed here in the context of recent surveys of managerial work.
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interaction design research
The Interaction Design Research Triangle of Design Practice, Design Studies, and Design Exploration
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Process Book Layout Design By Saad Aqeel Alzarooni
Process Book Layout Design for IDUS Contextual Research Methods
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Mapping Design Research
Design research is becoming increasingly important in academic and creative contexts within the international research landscape. Through its selection of texts and introductory essays, this book aims to help map out the productive interactions, parallels, and overlaps between those concepts in design and research that focus on the common theme of design and knowledge production.
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Re Design Research Notebook
Clara Traynor (Clara-Bella) 4th Year Re Design Research Notebook - Bora Aksu
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A Design Research Project
This semester-long design research project was done through the Design Methods course at Herron School of Art and Design. The objective for this project was to explore, learn, and ultimately gain a deeper understanding of design research and design thinking through personal experience. In order to do so, the project focused on a series of five phases: collection, analysis, synthesis, prototype, and implementation. Furthermore, it was important to apply these five phases to real experiences of people within the community and design ideas that address an opportunity or problem.
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