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Photovoltaic Solar Energy - Making use of Solar Energy For Homes
Photovoltaic solar panels can be very useful should you decide alive in a particular region with a lot of sunlight coverage. The solar panels experience the ability to collect the sunshine energy as well as convert it directly into usable a source of electricity. How will it benefit you? You have free energy to energy your house at your disposal. Unfortunately, these solar panels are quite expensive and also might require a countless work to setup. There is a better alternative. You can easily build a photovoltaic power strategy yourself.
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Renewable Heat Incentive Update
This quarterly newsletter provides an update of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme between September and December 2012
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Renewable Heat Incentive
RHI scheme details
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BritishEco Ltd - General Brochure
The BritishEco Ltd general brochure allows you to glance over the different technologies that we can help design and install for your home or business.
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Renewable energy report 2011
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UVM Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study
How significant a role can campus-based renewable energy play in UVM’s progress towards carbon neutrality? UVM's Clean Energy Fund funded a study to help answer this question and generate scenarios to aid in renewable energy planning at UVM. This study was conducted over the summer of 2012 by CHA (Clough Harbour & Associates), and examined opportunities for solar PV, solar thermal, geothermal, fuel cells, biomass, and wind across UVM's campus. It has the potential to lay the groundwork for future decisions about resource allocation to renewable energy installation projects on campus. The deliverable analysis of this study and renewable energy campus map will serve as foundational knowledge for both the CEF Committee and key campus stakeholders including UVM’s Campus Planning, Physical Plant, Facilities, Design, and Construction and senior administration.
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Energy Revolution 2012
Greenpeace, EREC and GWEC present the Energy Revolution Scenario
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Your church and Woodfuel (Biomass) Info Sheet
This information sheet is produced by the Diocese of Oxford to introduce how biomass could be used to heat your church. It will help you assess the suitability of your church and provides a list of things to consider as you develop a project to install a biomass boiler and benefit from the government Renewable Heat Incentive.
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Galbraith Energy Matters Winter 2012
In this issue of Energy Matters we look atthe Renewable Heat Incentive. Many people are aware of the difficultiesencountered by Government as a consequenceof the unexpected take-up of solarPV under the Feed in Tariff, and the rateof progress with regard to the RHI regulationsis doubtless a consequence of theGovernment seeking to avoid any similar difficulties.
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