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Global Tracking Framework
The UN Secretary General’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative establishes three global objectives to be accomplished by 2030: to achieve universal access to modern energy services, to double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency, and to double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. Sustaining momentum for the achievement of the SE4ALL objectives will require a means of charting global progress over the years leading to 2030. This Global Tracking Framework establishes for the first time a methodology and data platform for regular global reporting against the three SE4ALL objectives. Construction of the necessary framework has been coordinated by the World Bank/Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) and the International Energy Agency (IEA), in collaboration with 13 other agencies. The process has benefited from public consultation with more than a hundred stakeholder groups.
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Energy Revolution 2012
Greenpeace, EREC and GWEC present the Energy Revolution Scenario
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Renewable Fuel Standard:Potential Economic and Environmental Effects of U.S. Biofuel Policy
In the United States, we have come to depend on plentiful and inexpensive energy to support our economy and lifestyles. In recent years, many questions have been raised regarding the sustainability of our current pattern of high consumption of nonrenewable energy and its environmental consequences. Further, because the United States imports about 55 percent of the nation's consumption of crude oil, there are additional concerns about the security of supply. Hence, efforts are being made to find alternatives to our current pathway, including greater energy efficiency and use of energy sources that could lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions such as nuclear and renewable sources, including solar, wind, geothermal, and biofuels. The United States has a long history with biofuels and the nation is on a course charted to achieve a substantial increase in biofuels.
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Transmission Expansion for Renewable Energy Scale-Up
In their efforts to increase the share of renewable in electricity grids to reducing emissions or increasing energy diversity, developed and developing countries are finding that a considerable scale-up of investments in transmission infrastructures will be necessary to achieve their goals. Renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, and hydro power, tend to be sited far from existing electricity grids and consumption centers. Achieving desired supply levels from these sources requires that networks be expanded to reach many sites and to ensuring the different supply variation patterns of renewable are combined with existing sources in the grid to ensure the constantly varying demand for electricity is always met.
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Energy Security and Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific
Over the past few years, energy security and sustainable development have moved up the global agenda. There are two reasons for this: first, the impact of high and often volatile energy prices; second, concerns over environmental sustainability and particularly about the global climate. Both issues are critically important for Asia and the Pacific. To pursue energy security, the countries of the region will want to ensure that energy supplies are available, sufficient, affordable and sustainable. This will mean taking a broad range of measures: conserving and raising energy efficiency; rationalizing pricing and taxation systems; improving energy sector governance; and diversifying energy supplies, in particular making greater use of alternative and renewable resources. Energy-producing and -importing countries also need the appropriate legal frameworks, regulatory environments and systems for pricing and taxation.
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TF Empire Corporate Brochure v1
TF Empire Ltd is an Energy and Commodities brokerage based in London.
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Green is Gold
Green can bring us gold: renewable energy can bring jobs, cost savings, and money to the Philippines. However, in the Philippines, ordinary citizens, business people, government workers, and even the president, have been bombarded with misinformation about renewable energy for decades. Here are just a few examples of outright untruths, often peddled by polluting industries: “Renewable energy is expensive,” or, “Renewable energy is a pie in the sky dream for tree huggers.” An even more popular misconception: “Coal is cheap.” This report is designed to fight such misleading rhetoric, debunk myths, and provide data-driven, balanced information about renewable energy in the Philippines.
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2020 Hindsight: Does the renewable energy target help the UK decarbonise?
By Simon Moore Edited by Simon Less 2020 Hindsight examines 16 different plans for achieving the UK target of an 80% cut in carbon emissions by 2050. None of the models showed that the UK’s commitment to producing 35% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020 was needed to reach its carbon target. The renewable target is unnecessarily expensive and damages the prospects for reducing carbon emissions over the coming decades by wasting money that could be better used to fund research and demonstration of a wide range of new, low carbon technologies. If the UK is to set a leading example to other countries around the world in tackling climate change, then policies need to be both effective in cutting carbon and economically affordable.
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Sustainable Urban Energy
For cities to confront the challenges of fossil fuel depletion, increasing energy costs and rapid climate change, it is inevitable to develop and implement urban energy management solutions for their sustainable future. This publication is a training companion developed originally for training courses at the International Urban Training Centre in the Republic of Korea.This Sourcebook addresses sustainable urban energy solutions from a system’s perspective, as a three-step process - energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Energy conservation asks the question, “do we need to consume a given good/service?” Energy efficiency asks, “what would be the best possible way to consume the same good/service”, while renewable energy asks, “could there be sustainable renewable energy alternatives for fossil fuels”.
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Largest Solar pv company
Solawise are a renewable energy company specialising in Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) and environment friendly power solutions. They offer expert and honest advice to their domestic customers.for more details call at 020 8650 1195
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