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Islam Is The Religion Of Peace
Translated into English with additions by Abu Salman Deya-ud-Deen Eberle Revised by: Um Salman Islam is The Religion of Peace 1 Islam is The Religion of Peace Table of contents 2 Islam is The Religion of Peace Introduction 3 Islam is The Religion of Peace 4 Islam is The Religion of Peace 5 Islam is The Religion of Peace 6
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The Religion of Future-Scientific Religion
Man knows only that which is perceived directly by his 5 sense organs. The remaining major subtle activities of the subtle world are known to him only because of holy scriptural injunctions and experiences of great saints of the world. This subtle information has not been experienced by majority of world humanity. As a result laymen tend to wrongly label subtle divine information as the figment of the imagination of great saints. These ignorant laymen say that divine subtle principles are not ‘scientific’ enough for them to accept as truths. They have faith in modern material science because they can be proved with the help of the 5 sense organs (ear, nose, eyes, tongue and skin). On the other hand subtle divine laws are beyond the ken of the 5 sense organs and hence they cannot be ‘proved’ directly.
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Onward Southern Soldiers: Religion and the Army of Tennessee in the Civil War
The Civil War was trying, bloody and hard-fought combat for both sides. What was it, then, that sustained soldiers low on supplies and morale? For the Army of Tennessee, it was religion. Onward Southern Soldiers: Religion and the Army of Tennessee in the Civil War explores the significant impact of religion on every rank, from generals to chaplains to common soldiers. It took faith to endure overwhelming adversity. Religion unified troops, informing both why and how they fought and providing the rationale for enduring great hardship for the Confederate cause. Using primary source material such as diaries, letters, journals and sermons of the Army of Tennessee, Traci Nichols-Belt, along with Gordon T. Belt, presents the history of the vital role of the army’s religious practices.
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