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Relational Marketing - Presentation Transcripts
Here's a presentation on relational marketing given by Tom Mann of TR Mann Consulting at The International Council on Active Aging's Conference. Includes PowerPoint and transcipts.
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Relational Marketing - How to Love Your Customer
Tom Mann of TR Mann Consulting presents at the 2008 International Council on Active Aging's Annual Conference on building strong relationships with your customers.
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Marketing in the Public Sector
Marketing in the public sector may be the final frontier. Agencies operating in the public domain can use a custom blend of the four Ps—product (or service), place, price, and promotion—as well as other marketing techniques to transform their communications with stakeholders, improve their performance, and demonstrate a positive return on the resources they are endowed with.
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New Insights for Relational Capital
Abstract: In this paper, we concentrate on relational capital, manifestation of the old adage ⠀it is not what you know but who you know⠀. We propose that in this networked world, the importance of relationships between multiple stakeholders created by key personnel and financing becomes fundamental, and hence understanding and measuring those becomes fundamental, too. Accordingly, we highlight that there is a need to go beyond social, individual or personal relationships and organizational context, as well as beyond the limitations of the dyadic (one actor to one actor) view on relationships. Hence, we are introducing the ecosystem as the context for measuring relational capital. This paper builds on a construct of ecosystemic relational capital, cr eated for understanding and measuring the importance of relationships in the context of ecosystems. It looks at the totality of relationships both at organizational level and at individual level, measuring the structures and...
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Product Innovation and Relational Capital: Evidence From Portugal
Abstract: At a time when intellectual capital and product innovation management are both considered to be critical for companies to gain a competitive edge (and even survive) in today s unstable business environment, this paper discusses the influence o f relational capital on product innovation performance at innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Building upon the intellectual capital and new product development perspectives, an empirical research was conducted, using a questionnaire adminis tered to a network of Portuguese innovative SMEs. The findings suggest that relational capital does have a positive effect on product innovation performance. In particular, Vertical relationships emerges as the main relational capital element significan tly affecting product innovation at the innovative SMEs level. The existence and proactive management of relationships with customers and suppliers emerge as critical factors to product innovation success. We find our results to...
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Virtual Embeddedness and Social Media as a Basis for the Relational Capital Management of new...
New forms of data storage and transfer as well as new methods to communicate, collaborate and exchange knowledge at diminishing transaction costs over the world-wide-web have revolutionised networking, knowledge creation and innovation processes in the knowledge era. Virtual embeddedness signifies the possibility to draw upon pay-per-use computing resources and a variety of customised web services and applications. The facilitated utilisation of Software-as-a-Service and in particular social media (SM) applications enables effective networking on platforms and in virtual communities in social as well as in business terms. Such networking processes lead to the accumulation of social, relational and intellectual capital, as they facilitate information and knowledge exchange, integration and creation. Since information and knowledge sharing, collaboration and socialising take virtual dimensions, opportunities and threats arise for enterprises regarding relational capital management...
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Relational Database.Index Design and the Optimizers.DB2, Oracle, SQL Server
Tapio Lahdenm aki,Michael Leach Relational Database.Index Design and the Optimizers.DB2, Oracle, SQL Server
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Journalists, the Makers and Breakers of Relational Capital
The aim of this paper is twofold. First, to call attention to why storytelling is a pivotal building block of Relational Capital and second, to provide an understanding of how stories receive media coverage, in essence explain how PR professionals seek to influence the business press into telling stories about their client companies and how journalists in turn react to the story material sent to them by PR departments. This paper approaches this issue through gatekeeping theory and presents an example of the various gatekeepers affecting the media coverage of corporate stories. Although the paper includes theoretical reflection, it chiefly attempts to bring new insights to the topic by providing empirical research results. The paper reports findings from a qualitative analysis of semi-structured, in-depth interviews conducted with six journalists from the Finnish business press and six Finnish PR Professionals. The article shows three types of stories that PR professionals use to...
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Intellectual Capital and Value Creation: Evidence from the Por-tuguese Banking Industry
Intellectual capital has been described as intangible assets that may be used as a source of sustainable com- petitive advantage. However, intellectual capital components have to interact, to create value. Previous studies demon- strate that intellectual capital is positively and significantly associated with organizational performance. Our aim is to con- solidate these findings, examining the inter-relationships and the interaction effects among intellectual capital compo- nents and organizational performance, in the Portuguese banking context.
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